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25 September 2001 Military News

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  • PENTAGON/SECRETS VOA 25 Sept. 2001-- Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld says the Pentagon will not mislead the news media to protect sensitive operations in the Bush administration's offensive against global terrorism.
  • No D-Day in Struggle Against Terror Networks AFPS 25 September 2001 -- Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said today there "is not going to be a D-Day as such and I'm sure there will not be a signing ceremony on the Missouri as such," in regards to the war on terrorists.
  • Army Reservists on the Front Line From the First Day AFPS 25 September 2001 -- -- Army Reservists have been on the front lines of "the first war of the 21st century" since the morning of Sept. 11.
  • PENTAGON/RESERVES VOA 25 Sept. 2001-- The Defense Department has announced the call-up of more reservists as part of a mobilization triggered by the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington two weeks ago.
  • PENTAGON/RUMSFELD VOA 25 Sept. 2001-- Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld says the principal code name for military operations in the U-S led campaign against global terrorism will be "Enduring Freedom."
  • PENTAGON / CENTRAL ASIA VOA 25 Sept. 2001-- Secret ground operations aimed against terrorist suspect Osama bin Laden are more likely to originate from countries to the north of Afghanistan, where he is believed to be hiding.

Government Statements and Transcripts

US Domestic Responses

  • TUESDAY'S EDITORIALS VOA 25 Sept. 2001-- Review of Tuesdays editorials
  • CONGRESS - DEFENSE VOA 25 Sept. 2001-- The Republican-led House of Representatives has approved a 343 billion dollar defense spending bill for the next fiscal year.
  • State's Grossman on Terrorism: "No More Excuses" USIA 25 Sept. 2001-- Speaks of building international coalition against terrorism
  • BUSH / TERRORISM WRAP VOA 25 Sept. 2001-- Mr. Bush is also praising Saudi Arabia for its decision to break ties with the Taleban.
  • U.S. Health Chief Expresses Gratitude for World Support After Attacks USIA 25 Sept. 2001-- U.N. officials describe terrorism as new global disease
  • CONGRESS / AVIATION SECURITY VOA 25 Sept. 2001-- In the wake of the hijackings that led to the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon earlier this month, the U-S Congress is considering ways to boost airline security.
  • BUSH-TERRORISM VOA 25 Sept. 2001-- President Bush is welcoming Saudi Arabia's decision to break ties with Afghanistan's Taleban regime.
  • U-S ATTACKS / IMMIGRATION VOA 25 Sept. 2001-- Bush Administration proposals to tighten immigration laws in the wake of the September 11th terrorist attacks are drawing a mixed reaction from immigration activists around the country.

International Responses

  • Fact Sheet: International Organizations' Respond to Sept. 11 Attacks 25 Sept. 2001-- Resolutions, statements support U.S. action, condemn terrorism
  • Support from Moderate Arab States VOA 25 Sept. 2001-- Dateline focuses on the Arab coalition
  • Bush, Koizumi Discuss Counterterrorism Efforts AFPS 25 September 2001 -- "No threat will prevent freedom-loving people from defending freedom," President Bush said during a White House news conference with Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi.
  • MULLAH OMAR REPLIES VOA 25 Sept. 2001-- . In an exclusive interview with V-O-A, Taleban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar tells why and also gives his views on Islam, the Middle East and the United States.
  • ANTI-TERROR COALITION VOA 25 Sept. 2001-- Reaction from foreign media
  • U-N-AFGHAN-HUMANITARIAN VOA 25 Sept. 2001-- United Nations officials are worried about the growing desperation of both refugees from Afghanistan and of those Afghans who remain in their own country without food.
  • ATTACK / AFGHAN / PAKISTAN VOA 25 Sept. 2001-- General Musharraf's pledge to support the campaign against Osama Bin Laden and his organization has not encountered much opposition in Pakistan so far.
  • HUMAN RIGHTS/TERRORISM VOA 25 Sept. 2001-- The United Nations top human rights official, Mary Robinson, says the devastating terrorist attacks in New York and Washington on September 11th constitute crimes against humanity.
  • BRITAIN / ATTACKS VOA 25 Sept. 2001-- British Prime Minister Tony Blair says the Taleban rulers of Afghanistan face military confrontation if they continue to shelter suspected terrorist Osama bin Laden.
  • ATTACKS / TURKEY VOA 25 Sept. 2001-- Turkish Foreign Minister, Ismail Cem travels to Washington today (Tuesday) where he will hold talks with Secretary of State Colin Powell on a common approach to the battle against global terrorism.
  • AFGHAN / NORTHER ALLIANCE VOA 25 Sept. 2001-- Exiled Afghan President Burhanuddin Rabbani says he will continue the fight against the Taleban despite the recent assassination of the opposition's military leader, Ahmad Shah Masood.
  • SAUDI / TALEBAN VOA 25 Sept. 2001-- Saudi Arabia says it has cut ties with the Taleban, because it continues to harbor terrorists.
  • GERMANY / MUBARAK VOA 25 Sept. 2001-- : Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak continued his tour of European capitals today (Tuesday) with a stop in Berlin, where he told German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder that terrorism will never be defeated unless there is a solution to the conflict in the Middle East.
  • INDONESIA / ATTACKS VOA 25 Sept. 2001-- Indonesia's top Islamic clerics are calling on Muslims around the world to oppose any U-S military strikes against Afghanistan - where suspected terrorist Osama bin Laden is believed to be in hiding.
  • JAPAN / MILITARY POLL VOA 25 Sept. 2001-- A new public opinion survey shows that about 70-percent of Japanese adults support mobilizing the country's military to provide logistical backing to U-S-led forces, which are preparing for possible attacks on terrorists.

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