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24 September 2001 Military News

Government Statements and Transcripts
US Domestic Responses
International Responses
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  • Air Force, Navy Move on Stop-Loss After Rumsfeld Gives OK AFPS 24 September 2001 -- The Air Force and Navy moved quickly to invoke their "stop-loss" programs following Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's Sept. 19 delegation of authority to the heads of the military departments.
  • Bush Authorizes More Guard-Reserve Call-Ups AFPS 24 September 2001 -- President Bush tapped the reserves for about 5,100 more troops Sept. 22, bringing to more than 10,000 the number of Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve members called to active duty.
  • PENTAGON/AFGHAN OPPOSITION VOA 24 Sept. 2001-- The Pentagon is refusing to say whether it is in contact with anti-Taleban opposition groups inside Afghanistan or whether it may provide them with military aid.
  • ATTACKS PAKISTAN VOA 24 Sept. 2001-- A U.S. military delegation is in Pakistan to discuss cooperation in a possible campaign against alleged terrorist Osama bin Laden and his network.

Government Statements and Transcripts

US Domestic Responses

  • Bush Executive Order Freezes Assets of Terrorists USIA 24 Sept. 2001-- Also meets with Canada's Prime Minister, phones Thai Prime Minister
  • New Envoys Speak of Terrorism at Senate Confirmation Hearing USIA 24 Sept. 2001-- Five envoys head for African posts
  • BUSH/TERRORISM OVERNIGHTER VOA 24 Sept. 2001-- President Bush meets today (Tuesday) with Japan's Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi.
  • PENTAGON/RUMSFELD VOA 24 Sept. 2001-- Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld says the United States cannot eliminate global terrorism but will take action to prevent it from affecting the American way of life and U-S interests.
  • FBI Assumes Jurisdiction At Pentagon Crash Site American Forces Press Service 24 Sept 2001--The FBI assumed crime-scene jurisdiction at the Pentagon terrorist attack site Sept. 21 from the Arlington County (Va.) Fire Department, officials said.
  • CONGRESS / TERRORISM VOA 24 Sept. 2001-- U-S Attorney General John Ashcroft Monday pressed U-S lawmakers for quick passage of the Bush administration's proposals to crack down on terrorism.
  • TERRORISTS / CROP DUSTING VOA 24 Sept. 2001-- U-S authorities banned nearly all crop dusting in the United States on Sunday following concerns about a potential terrorist threat. Employees of one Florida crop dusting company say they believe a key suspect in the September 11th terror attacks had been to their office to ask about the possible use of the planes.
  • BUSH / TERRORISM VOA 24 Sept. 2001-- President Bush is freezing the U-S assets of 27 individuals and organizations with links to terrorist groups.

International Responses

  • FOCUS ON AMERICA'S RESPONSE: COALITION-BUILDING; BUSH SPEECH Foreign Media Reaction 24 Sept. 2001-- Foreign Press reacts to weeks events
  • UN Resolution Gives U.S. Right to Use Force, Envoy says USIA 24 Sept. 2001-- Nations interpret latest Security Council resolution against terrorists
  • RUSSIA/PUTIN VOA 24 Sept. 2001-- President Putin spoke for the first time on Monday about what his country is prepared to do to help the United States, in the wake of terrorist attacks almost two weeks ago.
  • U-N-ASSEMBLY-TERROR VOA 24 Sept. 2001-- The United Nations General Assembly began a debate today (Monday) in New York on the goals of the world organization but the session was dominated by talk of fighting international terrorism.
  • Air Travel Safety Focus of U.N. Civil Aviation Agency Meeting in Montreal USIA 24 Sept. 2001-- Ending terrorist threat to airlines is goal of Sept. 25-Oct. 5 meeting
  • COUNCIL OF EUROPE MEETING VOA 24 Sept. 2001-- A top official of the Council of Europe said today (Monday) that the response to the recent attacks in the United States must be careful and measured, and not be seen as a retaliation of West against East.
  • AFGHANISTAN / COMMUNICATIONS BLACKOUT VOA 24 Sept. 2001-- The U-N's World Food Program, W-F-P, said Monday that representatives of the Taleban have taken over its offices and seized its food supplies in the city of Kandahar, in southern Afghanistan.
  • ATTACKS / AFGHANISTAN / L -UPDATE VOA 24 Sept. 2001-- Accused terrorist Osama bin Laden is calling on Muslims in Pakistan to fight what he describes as "American crusader forces."
  • UN/IVANOV VOA 24 Sept. 2001-- Russia's Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov says his country stands ready to cooperate in a global fight against terrorism.
  • ATTACKS / AFGHANISTAN VOA 24 Sept. 2001-- The Taleban supreme leader in Afghanistan is demanding that the United States withdraw its forces from the Persian Gulf and end what he describes as its "bias" against Palestinians if it wants to end terrorism.
  • KAZAKHSTAN / U-S VOA 24 Sept. 2001-- Kazakhstan's president says his country is ready to allow the United States use of its air space and military bases in Washington's fight against terrorism.
  • AFGHANISTAN / HUMANITARIAN EFFORTS VOA 24 Sept. 2001-- All humanitarian operations inside Afghanistan are now being run by local Afghan employees who are becoming ever more overburdened.
  • U-N-COUNCIL / AFGHANISTAN VOA 24 Sept. 2001-- The President of the United Nations Security Council is indicating that the United States may already have international authorization for military action in Afghanistan.
  • FRANCE / MUBARAK VOA 24 Sept. 2001-- Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak renewed his condemnation of terrorism today (Monday), but stopped short of backing a military response in retaliation for the recent terrorist strikes on the United States.
  • U-N / ANNAN / TERROR VOA 24 Sept. 2001-- : United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan says the world organization can offer legitimacy to the fight against terrorism
  • BRITAIN / ATTACKS VOA 24 Sept. 2001 --Britain is stepping up its military and diplomatic efforts to support a U-S-led campaign against global terrorism.

Defense Industry

Other Conflicts

News Reports

  • The Cost of Terrorism VOA 24 Sept. 2001-- September 11 terrorist attacks against Washington and New York also struck the "financial foundation" of the United States.
  • Bush Launches First Strike -- on Terrorists' Money AFPS 24 September 2001 -- President Bush fired America's first shot of the war against terrorism Sept. 24 by announcing a freeze of financial networks of global terror organizations.
  • ISLAM AND TERRORISM VOA 24 Sept. 2001-- A Middle East scholar at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, or C-S-I-S, says the terrorists who carried out the September 11th attacks on New York and Washington represent only a minority of the world's Muslims.
  • TERRORISM/INTERPOL VOA 24 Sept. 2001-- The International Criminal Police Organization, known as "Interpol," has set up a special task force to coordinate efforts against terrorism, following the September 11th attacks in the United States.
  • TRACKING FOREIGNERS VOA 24 Sept. 2001-- : Evidence showing that most of the terrorists involved in the September 11th attacks in New York and Washington entered the United States legally - on student or tourist visas - is prompting a re-examination of U-S immigration and visa policies.
  • WORLD TRADE CENTER/VULNERABILITY VOA 24 Sept. 2001-- As horrifying as the collapse of the World Trade Center has been, with more than six thousand dead or missing, some structural design experts say it could have been worse.
  • BUSH TERROR DIPLOMACY VOA 24 Sept. 2001-- Canadian Jean Chretien is the latest to come to the White House for talks with Mr. Bush.
  • Commercial transportation firms promise DoD support Army News Service 24 Sept. 2001--- The commercial transportation industry will play a pivotal role as American responds to the terrorist strikes, said a top military transporter.
  • Rumsfeld Says Taliban Knows Bin Laden's Whereabouts American Forces Press Service 24 Sept 2001-- Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld doesn't buy the idea that Taliban leaders in Afghanistan don't know where Osama bin Laden and the Al Qaeda are.

  • Sea Launch Marketed Alongside Boeing Delta Rockets Boeing 24 Sep 2001 -- Sea Launch partners and Boeing Space & Communications officials announced today their intention to have a common sales and marketing organization for Sea Launch and Boeing Delta commercial launch services.

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