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September 20, 2001 Military News

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  • NEW YORK/ SHIP 'COMFORT' VOA - 09-20-01 - In New York City, hundreds of firefighters, National Guardsmen and relief workers are finding a quiet place to escape from the dust, smoke and sights of desolation at Ground Zero. Not far from the ruins of the World Trade Center, the relief workers can rest, eat and seek counsel on a U-S Navy ship.
  • PENTAGON / RUMSFELD VOA 20 Sept 2001 -- Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld says U-S forces are being dispatched to locations worldwide in preparation for an all-out assault on terrorism.
  • PENTAGON/ OSAMA BIN LADEN VOA 20 Sept 2001 -- U-S military planners are focusing on Afghanistan and fugitive terrorist suspect Osama bin Laden as the armed forces prepare their first moves in what will be a prolonged war on terrorism.
  • Rumsfeld Discusses Military Response to Terrorist Attacks USIA 20 Sept 2001 -- Forces are being repositioned, Defense official says
  • National Guard on duty before call up National Guard Bureau 20 Sept. 2001-- A total of 9,600 National Guard men and women were already on duty across the country Sept. 14 when President George Bush approved an order to call up as many as 50,000 members of the National Guard and Reserves.
  • 'Noble Eagle' needs 35,000 reservists Army News Service 20 Sept. 2001-- Service chiefs said they only need about 35,000 between them for the stated missions collectively dubbed Operation Noble Eagle.
  • NATIONAL GUARD, RESERVE MOBILIZATION ISSUED FOR MORE THAN 5,000 DOD Press Release 20 Sept. 2001-- Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld announced today that 5,131 members of the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve, from 29 units in 24 states and the District of Columbia, have been ordered to report for active duty military service as part of the partial mobilization authorized by President Bush.

Government Statements and Transcripts

US Domestic Responses

  • NEW YORK ARABS REACT VOA 20 Sept 2001 -- The patriotic fervor of Arab Americans remains strong.
  • BUSH TERRORISM VOA 20 Sept 2001 -- President Bush stood before Congress and vowed to use every resource available to defeat global terrorism
  • U.S. Begins Consultations at U.N. USIA 20 Sept 2001 -- Negroponte meets with Security Council president
  • U.S. to Use Every Resource to Defeat Global Terror Network, Bush Says 20 Sept 2001 -- Demands that Afghanistan's Taliban turn over terrorist leaders
  • U-S/AIR SECURITY VOA 20 Sept 2001 -- The Bush administration has promised to do more to secure the nation's air travel system, beyond those steps already taken since last week's airborne terrorist attacks.
  • BUSH / SAUDI ARABIA VOA 20 Sept 2001 -- The White House reports Saudi Arabia says it hopes Afghanistan's Taleban government will agree to hand over suspected terrorist Osama bin Laden.
  • BUSH / TALEBAN VOA 20 Sept 2001 -- Bush administration says Osama bin Laden and other leaders of his group must be turned over to face trial for their alleged involvement in last week's terrorist attacks.
  • BUSH - REACT VOA 20 Sept 2001 -- Republicans and Democrats in Congress are standing united behind President Bush in his war on terrorism.
  • TERRORIST FUNDRAISING VOA 20 Sept 2001 -- U-S Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill told the Senate Banking Committee Wednesday the United States has set up a special team to disrupt terrorist fundraising activity around the world.
  • CONGRESS DEFENSE - TERRORISM VOA 20 Sept 2001 -- Members of the Republican-led House of Representatives put aside their differences over President Bush's missile defense plan as they neared passage of a 343 billion dollar defense spending bill.
  • PENTAGON/REVENGE VOA 20 Sept 2001 -- Recovery efforts are slowly winding down at the Pentagon, struck by a terrorist-commandeered airliner a week ago.
  • U-S ATTACKS PROBE VOA 20 Sept 2001 -- A top U-S law enforcement official acknowledged Thursday that investigators are not sure about the identities of several of the hijackers involved in last week's terrorist attacks.
  • ATTACKS/ARREST VOA 20 Sept 2001 -- U-S government agents have arrested a man near Chicago, as they continue looking for people who might have information about last week's terrorist attacks in New York and Washington.

International Responses

  • ATTACKS / AFGHANISTAN VOA 20 Sept 2001 -- Islamic clerics from Taleban-controlled areas in Afghanistan have recommended to Taleban authorities that they tell alleged terrorist Osama Bin Laden that if possible, at some time in the future, he leave the country voluntarily
  • Africans Condemn September 11 Terrorist Attacks on the United States USIA 20 Sept 2001 -- Sub-Saharan African governments speak out
  • ANTI-TERROR COALITION: NATO, EUROPE/EURASIA 20 Sept 2001 -- NATO countries reacting to attacks
  • ATTACKS / FRANCE / BRITAIN VOA 20 Sept 2001 -- French and British leaders say they would join the United States in striking back against terrorist as long as the response is appropriate and effective.
  • ATTACKS / KENYA VOA 20 Sept 2001 -- Fear is growing in Kenya that the country may suffer if the United States retaliates for last week's terrorist attacks in New York and Washington.
  • TAJIKISTAN / REFUGEES VOA 20 Sept 2001 -- Tajikistan says it will not accept refugees from Afghanistan -- even if they are fleeing the country to avoid a military attack. Irris Makler reports from Tajikistan's capital, Dushanbe.
  • AFGHAN / U-N (L-ONLY) VOA 20 Sept 2001 -- The United Nations is warning of an imminent humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, saying pre-famine conditions are already gripping much of the country.
  • ATTACKS/ARAB UNITY VOA 20 Sept 2001 -- There has been a whirlwind of political activity within the Arab world following last week's terrorist attacks in the United States. Egyptian officials say the activity is aimed at building an Arab alliance that can respond effectively to the violence.
  • DECISION ON BIN LADEN VOA 20 Sept 2001 -- A meeting of Afghan religious scholars has recommended that Osama bin Laden, accused of terrorism by the United States, be encouraged to leave Afghanistan for a country of his choosing. But the United States has rejected the proposal on the grounds he would be moved from one safe harbor to another.
  • ATTACKS / NATO VOA 20 Sept 2001 -- NATO's secretary-general says all of the allies are determined to help the United States stamp out terrorism.
  • U-N-TERROR RESOLUTION VOA 20 Sept 2001 -- John Negroponte is non-committal about seeking a U-N resolution authorizing the use of force
  • U-N / GERMAN FOREIGN MINISTER VOA 20 Sept 2001 -- Germany's Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer says last week's terror attacks on the United States must be answered, but he says he has been assured the United States will act in a "rational way."
  • E-U / TERRORISM VOA 20 Sept 2001 -- European Union (E-U) interior and justice ministers have approved proposals aimed at strengthening their countries' ability to fight terrorism
  • INDONESIA / MUSLIM RESPONSES L-ONLY VOA - 09-20-01 - In Southeast Asia, attention is focused on how Indonesians will respond to potential U-S retaliatory strikes against suspected terrorist camps in Afghanistan. The government of Indonesia -- the world's most populous Muslim nation -- has backed the U-S call to combat terrorism but without expressly condoning military action. Large and politically powerful Muslim groups are taking similar positions - although some small radical groups have called for a jihad - or holy war - against America.
  • ATTACKS-AFGHANISTAN / S-UPDATE VOA - 09-20-01 - Afghanistan's Taleban clerics have urged alleged terrorist Osama Bin Laden to leave Afghanistan voluntarily.
  • JAPAN SUPPORT / U-S L-ONLY VOA - 09-20-01 - The Koizumi government is preparing to ease legislative restrictions banning Japanese defense forces from operating outside the country.

Defense Industry

Other Conflicts

News Reports

  • U-S COUNTER ATTACK VOA 20 Sept 2001 -- In editorials and commentaries around the world, the foreign press continues to focus on the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on the United States.
  • Terrorist Attacks Seen Having Big Short-Term Impact on Economy USIA 20 Sept 2001 -- The terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon will have a significant short-term impact on the U.S. economy, but fundamental strengths remain in place that will make possible an economic recovery
  • STOCKS OPEN DOWN VOA 20 Sept 2001 -- The battered U-S stock market opened down sharply today (Thursday) as traders continued to face the uncertainties created by last week's terrorist attack
  • SECURITY VERSUS FREEDOM VOA 20 Sept 2001 -- The United States is looking for ways to prevent future terrorist incidents, including implementing new laws that tighten public security and give authorities increased law enforcement abilities. But some people are concerned that such restrictions aimed at enhanced safety may erode some of the freedoms that are the hallmark of American society
  • CIVIL LIBERTIES/TERRORIST HUNT VOA 20 Sept 2001 -- In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on New York's World Trade Center and the Pentagon in suburban Washington, a growing debate is focusing on this question: how you deal most effectively with terrorists in an open and democratic society.
  • SPECIAL ENGLISH AMERICAN MOSAIC #836 Special Program on Terrorist Attack VOA 20 Sept 2001 -- American Mosaic on terorism
  • BIOTERRORISM THREAT VOA 20 Sept 2001 -- While the United States remains focused on hunting down those responsible for last week's terrorist attacks, many experts say the nation is neglecting another threat that could be far more deadly -- and easy to carry out.
  • Top U.S. Legislator Heartened by African Response to Attacks on U.S. USIA 20 Sept 2001 -- Royce comments on African response
  • Affected Pentagon Offices Moving to Leased Space American Forces Press Service 20 Sept. 2001-- About 2,300 people whose offices were affected by the attack on the Pentagon Sept. 11 will move into leased space near the building.
  • WALL STREET WRAP VOA 20 Sept 2001 -- Nervous investors sold stocks for a fourth straight day on Wall Street Thursday. Even some hopeful remarks by Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan about a rosier economic outlook in the longer-term failed to inspire investors, pre-occupied with the short-term fall-out of last week's terrorist attack.

  • ORBITAL SET TO LAUNCH THE WORLD’S NEWEST COMMERCIAL HIGH-RESOLUTION IMAGING SATELLITE ABOARD TAURUS ROCKET ON SEPTEMBER 21 Orbital Sciences Corp. 20 Sep 2001 -- Orbital Sciences Corporation (NYSE: ORB) announced today that it is in final preparations to launch its Taurus rocket, which will carry two satellites and another small commercial payload into orbit, on Friday, September 21, 2001.

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