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14 January 2000 Military News

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Other Conflicts
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Defense Policy / Programs

Defense Industry

  • Israel Signs Contract For Purchase of 50 Lockheed Martin F-16s Lockheed Martin 14 Jan 2000 -- Lockheed Martin received a contract to produce 50 F-16 aircraft for the government of Israel. The contract awarded by the U.S. Department of Defense completes negotiations that began after Israel's July selection of the advanced F-16 as its new fighter, and follows a letter of acceptance signed between the two countries in September.

Other Conflicts

  • U-N CHILD SOLDIERS Voice of America 14 January 2000 -- A United Nations effort to ban the use of child soldiers is running into difficulty over the minimum age at which young people can be recruited into the armed forces.

  • HEAD OF THE RUSSIAN INFORMATION CENTRE MIKHAIL MARGELOV ON THE SITUATION AROUND CHECHNYA Voice of Russia 14.01.2000 -- We always have something that will necessarily burst out somewhere. And when it burst out in Chechnya, Putin reacted swiftly, resolutely and fairly. A really unprecedented anti-Russian campaign, just based on the events in Chechnya, has been unleashed in the past few years. The Prosecutor General's Office has dreadful, monstrous video materials that last for about 200 hours. These are materials of several types: cassettes, recorded by terrorists in order to send them to the families of hostages or to the heads of the companies they used to work for. These are terrible shots, containing scenes of tortures, insults and humiliation. There are also cassettes meant for deterrence showing a still alive Russian soldier being beheaded with a knife - all this in colour and accompanied by sound. And finally there are cassettes of the third type - the ones recorded by terrorists for their own amusement, 'home video' as Americans put it, sort of bravado and insolence, you know. These contain beheadings, shooting off fingers, cutting off genitals. All this is really monstrous!
  • Prosecutor General Office Chechen Video Materials
  • UNHCR / CHECHNYA UPDATE Voice of America 14 January 2000 -- The United Nations Refugee Agency, U-N-H-C-R, reports a sharp drop in the number of refugees returning to Russian-controlled areas in Chechnya from the neighboring Republic of Ingushetia.
  • RUSSIA / CHECHNYA Voice of America 14 January 2000 -- Russia's Defense Ministry is denying high federal casualty figures as its troops battle for control of Chechnya.
  • CHECHNYA WAR Voice of America 14 January 2000 -- The war in Chechnya is beginning to resemble the previous one of 1994-96 - a rapid Russian advance stalled by increasing Chechen resistance and guerrilla tactics.
  • Resumed fighting deters returns to Chechnya, says UNHCR UN News Service 14 January 2000 -- The number of Chechens returning from Ingushetia has dropped sharply over the past few days, as fighting and shelling resumed around two locations previously regarded as quiet, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) said today. The daily number had dropped to 300 on Thursday, down from some 1,500 a few days ago.

  • PRESS CONFERENCE BY PERMANENT REPRESENTATIVE OF BURUNDI 14 January 2000 -- The regional context must be favourable for the peace process in Burundi to be successful -- and the current situation was not conducive. The Burundi rebels were supported by Rwandan militia, as well as by that countrys former armed forces. Furthermore, some groups from the Democratic Republic of the Congo that the Lusaka agreement had identified as needing to be disarmed had started to fall back toward Burundi through the United Republic of Tanzania.
  • BURUNDI-REGROUPMENT CAMPS Voice of America 14 January 2000 -- Burundi's ambassador to the United Nations, Marc Nteturuye defended his nation's policy of relocating hundreds of thousands of people into so-called "regroupment camps."

  • Holbrooke Concerned About Events in Jakarta, West Timor By Judy Aita USIA 14 January 2000 -- U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Richard Holbrooke issued a "statement of strong American Government concern" January 14 over Indonesian military members who are opposed to democratic changes and the number of East Timorese who still remain in refugee camps in West Timor.
  • HOLBROOKE-WEST TIMOR Voice of America 14 January 2000 -- The U-S ambassador to the United Nations, Richard Holbrooke, has repeated his call for the removal of militia members from refugee camps in West Timor.

  • UNICEF / SIERRA LEONE Voice of America 14 January 2000 -- UNICEF says Sierra Leone is considered to be the worst place on earth for children.
  • IVORY COAST / POLITICS Voice of America 14 January 2000 -- The Ivory Coast's military ruler, General Robert Guei, has re-arranged his transition team to include two more members of the main opposition party, the Popular Front.
  • GURKHAS OF NEPAL Voice of America 14 January 2000 -- A bilateral agreement between India and Britain drawn up over fifty years ago restricts the basic rates of pay and pension rights for Gurkhas. However the British Government has agreed to double pension payments to retired Gurkhas.
  • BOSNIA WAR CRIMES Voice of America 14 January 2000 -- The international war crimes tribunal for the former Yugoslavia has judged five Bosnian Croats guilty of crimes against humanity for the massacre of Muslims in Central Bosnia in 1993.
  • REPORT OF THE SECRETARY GENERAL ON THE UNITED NATIONS OBSERVER OFFICE IN ANGOLA (UNOA) S/2000/23 -- 14 January 2000 -- In the last few months, the overall situation in Angola has seen a major change following the successful military campaign undertaken by the Government, which has resulted in re-establishing State authority in the vast territory previously occupied by the Uniao National para a Independencia Total de Angola (UNITA).
  • S-A-F / ANGOLA Voice of America 14 January 2000 -- Angola's state-run news media say Mr. Lourenco used Monday's meeting to tell Mr. Mbeki that, in his words, "political and business circles in South Africa" are "still bent on destabilizing Angola."
  • ALGERIA AMNESTY Voice of America 14 January 2000 -- Reports from Algeria say security forces are delaying a military offensive against Islamist rebels.

News Reports

  • OGATA AFRICA TRIP PREVIEW Voice of America 14 January 2000 -- The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Sadako Ogata, flies to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Sunday at the start of a 10-day visit to three countries in Africa.

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