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06 January 2000 Military News

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Defense Policy / Programs

  • DoD News Briefing Thursday, January 06, 2000 -- Q A Cuban defector, former intelligence operative who defected to Spain, was here in Washington talking about Cuba, what he knew about the government of Cuba, said that the Cubans were involved in shipping guns and other kinds of arms, transshipping them to Colombia, trading for drugs with the FARC.

Defense Industry

Other Conflicts

  • BERGER-RUSSIA Voice of America 06 January 2000 -- President Clinton's National Security Adviser, Sandy Berger, has again condemned Russia's conduct of the war in Chechnya, but he is resisting calls - from U-S Presidential contenders, among others - for punitive action against Moscow.
  • RUSSIA / CHECHNYA Voice of America 06 January 2000 -- Russia's military says it is gaining ground in the Chechen capital, Grozny, and has surrounded the key rebel-held city of Vedeno in Chechnya's south.

  • LANKA/SECURITY UPDATE Voice of America 06 January 2000 -- The Sri Lankan government has imposed a temporary curfew on the capital, Colombo, after a series of deadly bombings blamed on separatists.
  • PAK / FREED MILITANT Voice of America 06 January 2000 -- A Pakistani religious leader freed by India in exchange for more than 150 hostages aboard a hijacked Indian airliner says the hijackers were Indian.
  • IVORIAN COUP / RISKS Voice of America 06 January 2000 -- The new military leader of Ivory Coast, Robert Guei, has announced that he is suspending payments on the country's foreign debt in order to pay soldiers and civil servants who have not been paid in months.
  • VIOLENCE IN ACEH January 06, 2000 -- According to the Police Chief of the Republic of Indonesia, Gen. Roesmanhadi, the conflict in Aceh from January to December 1999 resulted in 452 casualties and the destruction of 419 buildings. Of the 452 casualties, 293 were killed and 159 wounded. The statistics disclosed by Police General Roesmanhadi hint at a now solidly implanted insurgency, which the Indonesian security forces have achieved no more than mediocre results in suppressing.
  • SHINING PATH CAPTURE PERUVIAN RIVER BOAT January 06, 2000 -- A column of 30 suspected Shining Path rebels attacked and captured a Peruvian government riverboat on the Ene river. No casualties were reported.

News Reports

  • INDIA/HIJACK ARRESTS Voice of America 06 January 2000 -- India has arrested four people in connection with last month's hijacking of an Indian Airlines aircraft. New Delhi also says the five hijackers of the plane have been identified as Pakistani nationals.
  • INDIAN PLANE HIJACKING: A VICTORY FOR TERRORISM? Voice of America 06 January 2000 -- The U-S press is continuing to assess the fallout from the hijacking of that Indian Airlines jetliner. Many newspapers worry that the incident represented a victory for terrorists, and may have made international air travel more risky.

  • MEXICO CORRUPTION Voice of America 06 January 2000 -- The presidential candidate of Mexico's ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, Francisco Labastida, this week made the fight against corruption the main issue in his campaign.

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