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05 November 1999 Military News

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  • WAR IN CHECHNYA, KILLINGS IN ARMENIA: PUNDITS MULL OVER HOW TO 'COOL THE CAUCASUS' Foreign Media Reaction Issue Focus 05 November 1999 -- By its "reconquest" of Chechnya, Russia--according to some Moscow papers--has served notice to the U.S. that Russia "has stopped retreating from the...Caucasus," and intends to "scuttle" U.S. plans to "gain full control" over the region. Some editorialists also noted Washington's "hurry to settle the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia in time for the oil wells to become fully operational."
  • CHECHNYA VICTIMS Voice of America 05 November 1999 -- Reports from witnesses suggest thousands have been killed since the bombing began two months ago. Perhaps tens of thousands more have been wounded.
  • RUSSIA / CHECHNYA Voice of America 05 November 1999 -- Russian air and artillery attacks continue against suspected Islamic terrorists in Chechnya, but a top Russian official is urging refugees from the breakaway republic to return to their homes.
  • UNHCR / CHECHNYA Voice of America 05 November 1999 -- The U-N Refugee Agency reports about 10-thousand Chechens have crossed the border into Ingushetia over the past two days. Prior to that, the Russians allowed, at most, only a few hundred people to pass through.
  • UNHCR / TIMOR Voice of America 05 November 1999 -- The United Nations Refugee Agency, U-N-H-C-R, is expressing alarm at what it says is the continued harassment by militiamen in West Timor of U-N staff and East Timorese refugees.
  • RWANDA WAR CRIMES Voice of America 05 November 1999 -- The U-N's Rwanda war crimes tribunal says a man accused of crimes against humanity during the 1994 Rwanda genocide should be released because his case took too long to come to trial.
  • RESISTANCE GROUP OPERATIONS INCREASE 05 November 1999 -- The resistance staged 280 attacks in October, its highest number ever in a one-month period, according to UNIFIL. Almost all were carried out by Hizbullah and Amal, with a handful by the multi-faith Lebanese Resistance Brigades, a couple by the Communist-led National Resistance Movement and one by Palestinian Islamic Jihad. The monthly figures have climbed steadily since a brief lull in July; August recorded 190 attacks and September 220.
  • LANKAN FIGHTING Voice of America 05 November 1999 -- Fresh reinforcements are being moved to Sri Lanka's battlefront in the northern part of the country, as Tamil Tiger rebels and government soldiers continue to battle it out.
  • U-N-CONGO MANDATE Voice of America 05 November 1999 -- A cease-fire agreement has been in effect since last July involving the government of Congolese President Laurent Kabila, rebel groups and the governments which support the rebels. However, widespread violations of the cease-fire have occurred.
  • Food Crisis Intensifies in Southern Somalia, U.N. Says 05 November 1999 -- The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization says that an upsurge in inter-clan fighting in southern Somalia has exacerbated already-disrupted food production activities and assistance to civil war and drought victims.
  • PRESS BRIEFING BY SPECIAL RAPPORTEUR ON HUMAN RIGHTS, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO 5 November 1999 -- The cease-fire, achieved after many tortuous discussions between the various parties and countries concerned, was the result of African efforts, for it was mainly African countries such as Zambia, The Republic of South Africa, and Libya as well, that had thrown enormous effort into establishing a cease-fire. However, the cease-fire was a very fragile thing; it would appear that there were countries and groups on the lookout for an excuse to break it.

News Reports

  • MEXICO DEMO Voice of America 05 November 1999 -- After a tense standoff that lasted more than two and half hours, police and striking students in Mexico City avoided a violent clash on Friday through a negotiated compromise.

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