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Department of Defense Research & Development Descriptive Summaries
for FY2010

Number Title
DARPA Programs
0305103E Cyber Security Initiative
0601101E Defense Research Sciences
0602303E Information Communications Technology
0602304E Cognitive Computing Systems
0602383E Biological Warfare Defense
0602702E Tactical Technology
0602715E Materials & Biological Technology
0602716E Electronics Technology
0603286E Advanced Aerospace Systems
0603287E Space Programs and Technology
0603739E Advanced Electronics Technology
0603760E Command, Control and Communications Systems
0603764E Land Warfare Technology
0603766E Network-Centric Warfare Technology
0603767E Sensor Technology
0603768E Guidance Technology
0605502E Small Business Innovative Research
0605897E DARPA Agency Relocation
0605898E Management Headquarters (Research and Development)
OSD Programs
0303140D8Z Information Systems Security Program
0303166D8Z Support to Information Operations Capabilities
0303169D8Z Information Technology Rapid Acquisition
0303191D8Z Joint Electromagnetic Technology (JET) Program
0303260D8Z Joint Military Deception Initiative
0305103D8Z Cyber Security Initiative
0305125D8Z Critical Infrastructure Protection
0305186D8Z Policy R&D Programs
0305193D8Z Intelligence Support to Information Operations (IO)
0305199D8Z Net Centricity
0305387D8Z Homeland Defense Technology Transfer Program
0305400D8Z Warfighting and Intelligence-Related Support
0305600D8Z International Intelligence Technology Assessment, Advancement & Integration
0601111D8Z Government/Industry Co-Sponsorship of University Research
0601114D8Z Defense Experimental Program to Stimulate Competition (DEPSCOR)
0601120D8Z National Defense Education Program (NDEP)
0602000D8Z Joint Munitions Technology
0602227D8Z Medical Free Electron Laser
0602228D8Z Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Minority Institutions (HBCU/MI)
0602234D8Z Lincoln Laboratory Research Program
0602663D8Z Joint Data Management Research
0602670D8Z Human, Social and Culture Behaviour Modeling (HSCB) Applied Research
0603000D8Z Insensitive Munitions Advanced Technology
0603121D8Z SO/LIC Advanced Development
0603122D8Z Combatting Terrorism Technology Support (CTTS)
0603161D8Z Nuclear and Conventional Physical Security Equipment
0603200D8Z Joint Advanced Concepts
0603225D8Z Joint DoD/DOE Munitions
0603228D8Z Physical Security
0603527D8Z Retract Larch
0603618D8Z Joint Electronic Advanced Technology
0603648D8Z Joint Capability Technology Demonstrations
0603662D8Z Networked Communications Capabilities
0603663D8Z Joint Data Managment Advanced Development
0603665D8Z Biometrics Science and Technology
0603670D8Z Human, Social and Culture Behaviour Modeling (HSCB) Advanced Deployment
0603680D8Z Defense-Wide Manufacturing Science adn Technology Program
0603709D8Z Joint Robotics Program
0603711D8Z Joint Robotics Program/ Autonomous Systems
0603714D8Z Advanced Sensor Applications Platform
0603716D8Z Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP)
0603727D8Z Joint Warfighting
0603745D8Z Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Coherent Change Detection (CDD)
0603750D8Z Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration (ACTD)
0603755D8Z High Performance Computing Modernization Program
0603757D8Z Training Transformation (T2)
0603781D8Z Software Engineering Institute
0603826D8Z Quick Reaction Special Projects
0603828D8Z Joint Experimentation
0603832D8Z Joint Wargaming Simulation Management Office
0603851D8Z Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (ESTCP)
0603920D8Z Humanitarian Demining
0603923D8Z Coalition Warfare
0603941D8Z Test and Evaluation/Science and Technology (T & E/ S & T)
0603942D8Z Technology Transfer
0604016D8Z Department of Defense Corrosion Program
0604051D8Z Defense Acquisition Challenge Program (DACP)
0604161D8Z Nuclear and Conventional Physical Security Equipment
0604165D8Z Prompt Global Strike Program
0604400D8Z DoD Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Airspace Integration
0604648D8Z Joint Capability Technology Demonstration (JCTD)
0604670D8Z Human, Social and Culture Behavior Modeling (HSCB) Research and Engineering
0604709D8Z Joint Robotics EMD
0604771D8Z Joint Tactical Information Distribution System (JTIDS)
0604774D8Z Defense Readiness Reporting System
0604787D8Z Joint Systems Integration Command (JSIC)
0604828D8Z Joint FIRES Integration and Interoperability Team
0604875D8Z Joint System Architecture Development
0604940D8Z Central Test and Evaluation Investment Program (CTEIP)
0604943D8Z Thermal Vicar
0605017D8Z Reduction of Total Ownership Cost
0605027D8Z OUSD(C) IT Development Initiatives
0605100D8Z Joint Mission Environment Test Capability (JMETC)
0605104D8Z Technical Studies, Support & Analysis
0605110D8Z USD (A&T) Critical Technology Program
0605117D8Z Foreign Materiel Acquisition and Exploitation
0605128D8Z Classified Program PE)
0605130D8Z Foreign Comparative Testing (FCT)
0605140D8Z Trusted Foundry
0605161D8Z Nuclear Matters
0605170D8Z Support to Networks and Information Integration
0605200D8Z General Support to USD(Intelligence)
0605502D8Z Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR)
0605648D8Z Defense Acquisition Executive
0605790D8Z Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR)Challenge Admin
0605798D8Z Defense Technology Analysis
0605799D8Z Force Transformation
0605804D8Z Developmental Test and Evaluation
0606100D8Z OSD Support for Programming Budget
0606301D8Z Aviation Safety Technologies
0607828D8Z Joint Integration and Interoperability
0804767D8Z Training Transformation (T2)
0807708D8Z Wounded, Ill and Injured Program,
1001018D8Z NATO Alliance Ground Surveillance (AGS)
Chemical/Biological Defense
0601384BP Basic Research
0602384BP Applied Research
0603384BP Advanced Technology Development (ATD)
0603884BP Advanced Component Development and Prototypes
0604384BP System Development and Demonstration (SDD)
0605384BP RTD&E Mgt Support
0607384BP Operational Systems Development
Defense Business Transformtion Agency
0605018BTA Defense Integrated Military Human Resources System
0605020BTA R&D Activities
Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA)
0605013BL Information Technology Development
Defense Health Program
0601101HP In-House Laboratory Independent Research
0601117HP Applied Biomedical Technology
0602115HP Biomedical Technology
0602787HP Medical Technology (AFRRI)
0603002HP Medical Advanced Technology (AFRRI)
0603115HP Medical Development
0604110HP Medical Products Support and Advanced Concept Development
0605013HP Information Technology Development
0605145HP Medical Products and Support Systems Development
0605502HP SBIR Program
0607100HP Medical Products and Capabilities Enhancement Activities
Defense Human Resources Activity (DHRA)
0603769SE Distributed Learning Advanced Technology Development
0605021SE R&D in Support of Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System
0605803SE R&D in Support of DoD Enlistment, Test and Evaluation
Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)
0208045K C4I Interoperability
0301144K Joint/Allied Coalition Information Sharing
0302016K National Military Command System - Wide Support (NMCS)
0302019K Defense Information Infrastructure Engineering & Integration
0303126K Long Haul Communications
0303131K Minimum Essential Emergency Communications Network (MEECN)
0303140K Information Systems Security Program (ISSP)
0303141K Global Combat Support System (GCSS)
0303148K DISA Mission Support Operations/
0303150K Global Command and Control Systems (GCCS)
0303153K Joint Spectrum Center
0303158K Joint Command and Control
0303170K Net-Centric Enterprise Services (NCES)
0303610K Teleport Program
0305103K Cyber Security Initiative
0305208K Distributed Common Ground/ Service Systems
0604764K Advanced IT Services Joint Program Office (AITS-JPO)
Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)
0603712S Logistics R&D Technology Demonstration
0603713S Distribution Enterprise Technology Program Element
0603720S Microelectronics Technology Development and Support
0603805S Dual Use Applications Program
0605502S Small Business Innovation Research
0605798S Defense Technology Analysis (DTA)
0708011S Manufacturing Technology
0708012S Logistics Support Activities
Defense Security Cooperation Agency
0605127T DSOA Appropriations
0605147T Overseas Humanitarian Assistance Shared Information System
Defense Security Service
0604130V DSS Appropriations
Defense Technical Information Center
0605801KA DTIC Appropriations
Defense Threat Reduction Agency
0601000BR DTRA Basic Research Initiative
0602718BR WMD Defeat Technologies
0603160BR Proliferation Prevention and Defeat
0605000BR WMD Defeat Capabilities
0605502BR Small Business Innovative Research
Operational Test & Evaluation
0605118OTE Operational Test And Evaluation
0605131OTE Live Fire Test and Evaluation
0605814OTE Operational Test Activities And Analyses
Joint Staff
0204571J Joint Staff Analytical Support
0303149J C4I for the Warrior
0605126J Joint Theater Air & Missile Defense Organization
0902298J Management HQ
0304210BB Special Applications for Contingencies (SAFC)
0305208BB Distributed Common Ground/Surface System (DCGS)
0305219BB Predator Medium Altitude Long Endurance Tactical (MALET)
1105219BB MQ-9 UAV/S851
1160279BB Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR)
1160401BB Special Operations Technology Development/
1160402BB Special Operations (SO) Advanced Technology Development
1160403BB Special Operations Aviation Systems Advanced Development/Project
1160404BB Special Operations (SO) Tactical Systems Development
1160405BB Special Operations (SO) Intelligence Systems Development
1160407BB Special Operations Forces (SOF) Medical Technology Department
1160421BB Special Operations CV-22 Development
1160422BB Aviation Engineering Analysis
1160423BB Joint Multi-Mission Submersible
1160425BB Special Operations Aircraft Defensive Systems
1160426BB Special Operations Advanced SEAL Delivery System Development
1160427BB Mission Training and Preparation Systems (MTPS)
1160428BB Unmanned Vehicles
1160429BB SOF Tanker Recapitalization
1160472BB SOF Information and Broadcast Systems Technology Development
1160474BB SOF Communications Equipment and Electronics Systems
1160476BB SOF Tactical Radio Systems
1160477BB SOF Weapon Systems
1160478BB SOF Soldier Protection and Survival Systems
1160479BB SOF Visual Augmentation, Lasers and Sensor Systems/
1160480BB SOF Tactical Vehicles
1160482BB SOF Rotary Wing Aviation
1160483BB SOF Underwater Systems
1160484BB SOF Surface Craft
Washington Headquarters Services
0901598D8W IT Software Development Initiatives

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