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Director, Operational Test & Evaluation
FY97 Annual Report

FY97 Annual Report


2000 systems
Total program cost (TY$) $468M*
Average unit cost (TY$) $234K
Full-rate production (IOC) 3QFY99

Prime Contractor
Not yet chosen


TMIP is a tri-service system that will provide information to deployed medical forces to support all medical functional areas, including command and control, medical logistics, blood management, patient regulation and evacuation, medical threat/intelligence, health care delivery, manpower and training, and medical capabilities assessment and sustainment analysis. TMIP will perform this service by integrating information from existing systems (e.g., CHCS, DMLSS, TRAC2ES), and will also provide new capabilities.

TMIP will provide an integrated medical information system (software, standards, interoperability) to support theater operations. The software is envisioned as a federation of information systems selected for their functional capability in theater. It will be developed incrementally, in "blocks" of increasing functionality and integration. The military services are expected to fund their own infrastructure (networks and communications) and computer hardware to host the TMIP system in the theater environment. TMIP supports the JV2010 concept of focused logistics by integrating medical systems at the theater level to support deployed forces, enhancing their capabilities to collect, process, and disseminate an uninterrupted flow of information, and to be more efficient in protecting lives and resources.


The mission of TMIP is to provide integrated automation of the theater medical environment. The goal is to provide a global capability linking information databases and integration centers that are accessible to the warfighter anywhere, anytime, in any mission. TMIP will provide information linking all echelons of medical care in support of time-sensitive decisions critical to the success of theater operations. This information will be made available to theater commanders through integration with the Global Command and Control System (GCCS) and Global Combat Support System (GCSS). In addition, TMIP will support the integration of medical capabilities under a joint concept of operations to assist the medical commander/theater surgeon and to support the delivery of seamless combat medical care. The system will support field medical operations and decision making concerning theater medical capability by providing integrated health decision support systems to ensure readiness for mission execution. TMIP will support all echelons of care through an aggregation of medical data and situation reports that serves the theater of operations as well as sustaining base medical missions in the continental United States (CONUS).


A Capstone Requirements Document (CRD) and a TEMP are being developed. The PM has awarded a $8.5M contract for advanced concept exploration. The contractor would be expected to take existing functions from other systems and integrate them as applications on a single platform, testing and refining the prototype system as requirements are being further defined.


TMIP is supposed to integrate several existing and developmental systems into a single system that can be easily used by medical personnel in a combat environment. For connectivity, it will depend upon existing, limited tactical communications systems that can be expected to be greatly stressed. A major testing challenge will be to ensure that the testing environment mirrors the expected operational conditions. TMIP's heavy dependence on the successful operation of other automated information systems will present technical challenges that the testers also must confront.

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