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Director, Operational Test & Evaluation
FY97 Annual Report

FY97 Annual Report


Joint ACAT ID Program
Total program cost (TY$) $1406M
Average unit cost (TY$) N/A
Milestone III 1QFY00

Prime Contractor
Source Selection in Progress


The Global Broadcasting Service (GBS) will augment and interface with other communications systems and provide a continuous, high-speed, one-way flow of high-volume information to deployed and garrisoned forces across the globe. GBS will support routine operations, training and military exercises, special activities, crisis response, situational awareness, weapons targeting, and intelligence. GBS will also support the transition to and conduct of operations short of nuclear war. GBS will quickly disseminate large information products to various small user platforms worldwide. As an extension of the Defense Information Systems Network (DISN), GBS will employ an open architecture to ensure compatibility with a variety of DISN input formats. GBS is designed to provide the warfighter with the information superiority necessary to act inside the decision cycle of the adversary and perform as the dominate maneuver force throughout the entire range of conflict.

GBS consists of a space segment, fixed and tactical transmit suites, and receive suites. The space segment will consist of three UHF Follow-On satellites modified with four GBS transponders and an undetermined number of leased commercial satellites. The transmit suites build the broadcast data streams from the various sources of information. They manage the flow of selected information through the uplink broadcast point to the orbiting satellites for broadcast to the appropriate theaters of operation. The receive suites reverse this process and distribute the information to the appropriate end users within each location.


The GBS acquisition strategy is a three-phase program based on an evolutionary system design supported by commercially available technology. GBS Phase I, scheduled for FY96-FY98, is to develop the user requirements and concepts of operations. Phase I consists of the Battlefield Awareness and Data Dissemination, an Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration, and the Bosnian Command/Control Augmentation effort, both sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. GBS Phase II, scheduled to be completed in FY06, will develop near-worldwide GBS core operational capability and refine operational requirements and employment concepts. In keeping with the evolutionary design strategy, the Phase II GBS broadcast managers will be incrementally upgraded with software block changes as commercial software capabilities evolve and become available. Milestone II for the GBS Phase II system is scheduled for October 1997, and Milestone III is scheduled for October 2000. GBS Phase III, scheduled for FY06 and beyond, is currently undefined.


The Phase II GBS TEMP is being prepared for submission to OSD 1QFY98. The TEMP will describe a T&E approach that accommodates the evolutionary development of the GBS system. Combined DT and OT will provide feedback to the developer to enhance system performance through upgrades of the broadcast management software. An OT&E is scheduled for 3QFY99 to support the GBS Phase II, Milestone III production decision.


The Data Dissemination and the Bosnian Command/Control Augmentation efforts have demonstrated the both the early ability and utility of the GBS system. The Program Office is incorporating lessons learned from these efforts into the GBS system design, and the user commands are aggressively developing their CONOPS based on their early field experiences. DOT&E finds that the GBS program is progressing well toward fielding an effective and suitable system.

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