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Shelby Range Complex

The Shelby Range Complex and five drop zones are located in R-4401 and within the confines of Camp Shelby Army National Guard Operational Area.

The East Range is a modified conventional range with tactical targets available as well as standard strafe, rocket and bombing targets. It is located at 31 08' N-88 58' W, or Greene County 268/26 NM CH 41, with an elevation of 290 feet. The range has three strafe targets. Two scorable strafe targets are available 2,000 feet from the foul line. Number one is the 30mm target and number two is the 20mm target. Two-target strafe will be on the #1 panel and the conex box (simulated AAA) at 2 O' clock to the strafe pits. High angle strafe will be on the conex box only. Tactical deliveries may be accomplished on all targets. With the exception of the S-60 gun, these targets are BDU-33 practice bombs only. Inert MK-82' s will be employed on the S-60 gun only. Inert MK-82' s will be from a 265 degree heading only. Rockets (Lead Head) will be employed on the main bomb circle, aircraft, or SA-3 site. Rockets will be on a heading of 265 degrees only. No white phosphorous rockets allowed. The range has Pave Penny, Smokey Sam, Sentry Dog equipment and Mobile Threat Emitter System (MOTES). Requests for usage of this equipment should be made one week in advance, but no later than 24 hours prior. Ground or Airborne Forward Air Control (FAC) may be used with prior coordination.

The West Range is a modified conventional range Strafe scoring is by acoustical scoring system. Both Strafe Targets are 2000' from the foul line. Locations of this range is 31 06' N - 89 04' W. Target elevation is 250' . The West Tactical Range covers all of the artillery impact areas. This area has numerous targets consisting of tanks, armored personnel carriers, and conex boxes. Ground or airborne Forward Air Control (FAC) may be used.

These ranges are suitable for training type ordnance only. This is ordnance containing spotting charges and TP ammunition. MK-82 Live (500 LB bombs), may be dropped on the West Tactical Range with an East to West heading only. Maximum of two bombs released on any pass other than dictated by emergency. Live munitions must be coordinated at least 45 days prior with CRTC Range Control Officer. White Phosphorous rockets maybe used on the West Tactical Range. Drop Zone loads are as per approval or DZ Survey. MK-84 inerts are not authorized.

Five drop zones are available within the Shelby Range Complex. Maddog drop zone is at the Gulfport-Biloxi Regional Airport. Users desiring to use any of these ranges should contact the scheduling office for scheduling and current operational procedures.

  • Shelby DZ: Large drop zone located at the North end of T-19 training are. Most all cargo loads and personnel drops are authorized on this drop zone.
  • Dewey/Beaumont DZ: Smaller tactical size drop zone located just North of the Shelby East Air to Ground Range in the T-28 training area. Most cargo loads and personnel drops are authorized on this drop zone.
  • Ralffie/Mule Head DZ: Tactical drop zone located on Shelby East Range. Most cargo loads are authorized on this drop zone.
  • Maddog DZ: Medium size drop zone oriented on the airfield with Runway 14/32 as the centerline. Primarily used for personnel and SATB.

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