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Razorback Range

Razorback Range is located on the Fort Chaffee Maneuver Training Center (FCMTC). Army requirements may take priority over those of the range. Army needs may force the cancellation of range schedules and or restrictions to tactics and patterns on Razorback Range.

Razorback Range uses Fort Smith, AR (FSM) weather as the official observation for the range. On site observations and PIREP's supplement FSM weather reports. Surface wind conditions and barometric pressure are available on site, along with low altitude cloud conditions using Laser Cloud Height Measuring System.

Razorback Range is a conventional non-nuclear scoreable class A air-to-ground gunnery range, operated by 188FW/DET 1. The range is located 15NM southeast of Fort Smith, AR Regional Airport (FSM126-012), and within the confines of R-2402. Range elevation is 450' MSL.

The main tower (elevation 500'MSL) is located on the southwest corner of the range at 35-15.2 N, 94-06.0 W. The flank tower is located 4,279' north of the main tower, at 35-15.9 N 94-05.8 W.

Bomb Circle (Target A): Located 3,317' northeast of the main tower. The circles are 75', 150' and 300' radius with a highly visible center point target. Scoring is by computer and M-2 aiming circles. For night bombing (and if requested) the 3,6,9, and 12 o'clock positions are illuminated by lights 300' from the center. The 6 o'clock position is illuminated 300', 600', and 900' from the center, which is marked with two lights. This target is restricted to MK-106 and BDU-33 practice bombs. The conventional pattern for this target is 084 degree final heading with a right hand pattern or 264 degree final heading with a left-hand pattern.

There are two strafe targets. Target #1 (right) is a highly visible cloth target and is acoustically scored. The foul-line extends due north from the main tower, and is 2,000' from the target. The 084 lead in line is made up of white tires, as is the foul line. This target is for 20mm only unless specifically cleared by the RCO for 30mm. Target #2, (left) located north of target #1, is a hard target that is acoustically scored. The 3,000' cease-fire line is 1,000' west of the 2,000' foul line, and perpendicular to the access road which serves as the 084 lead in line to the target. This target is restricted to 30mm only, either single or double burst, provided the aircraft cease fire no closer than 3,000' from the target, and not fly over the target or past the target 3-9 line, or closer than 500' horizontally to the target during approach and recovery.

Rocket Circle: The rocket circle is located approximately 600 feet east of the center of the bomb circle and 300 feet north and east of Bravo 1. It is a 75' radius circle with a white-center aim point. It is used for inert 2.75 conventional rocket events as well as high angle strafe (HAS) for both 20MM and 30MM. Aircraft must use a 084 final attack heading for these forward firing events.

Airfield (targets B-1,B-2, K). These targets are southeast of the bomb circle and consists of a 150' X 3,000' dirt runway (heading approximately 320/140) with two revetments on the northwest end of the runway. The two scoreable targets are within the revetments. In addition, another target (K) located on the south end of the runway is available for scorable attacks. These targets are restricted to a first run tactical delivery, with no additional attacks unless cleared by the RCO. Only BDU-33 or MK-106 bombs are allowed.

Target C is a mobile missile TEL (SA-6 type) located approximately 500' southeast of the SAM Site (Star of David) center-point and just north of Potato Hill Road. BDU-33, MK-106, and inert heavyweight ordnance up to and including 2,000lbs are authorized on this target.

Armored Array (targets D, E, F, G) consist of tanks and APC type single vehicle targets located east of the runway and south of the SAM Site. BDU-33, MK-106 and inert heavyweights up to and including 2,000 pounds are authorized on all these targets.

Target H consists of 3 vehicles (in convoy) on an east/west road, approximately 1,200' southeast of target B-1. Since this target is not visible from the towers and must be scored using marker boards, ordnance with spotting charges must be used. Therefore, BDU-33 and MK-106 type bombs are the only authorized training munitions.

Target I is an armored convoy (tanks and trucks) 300' east of the runway approximately one-third of the way down from the north end. There are four vehicles in this convoy numbered one through four starting from the northernmost. All are scorable individually and aircrews must advise the RCO if they are bombing I-1 (north vehicle), I-2, I-3, or I-4 (south vehicle). BDU-33, MK-106 and heavyweight ordnance up to and including 2,000 pounds are authorized on this target.

Target J is a POL staging complex approximately 1,400' south of target I-4 and is also on the eastern side of the runway. J-1 is a single large fuel truck on the access road 200' north of the POL compound. J-2 is the POL compound proper and consists of a rectangular earth revetment with two parallel fuel tanks and a pump house on the western side of the revetment. The DMPI is the pump house. Only BDU-33 and MK-106 practice bombs are allowed on J-1 and J-2. Aircraft performing events on this target must pay particular attention to avoid direct over-flight of the main tower either on final or during the pull-off.

Target L consists of an attack helicopter approximately 1,800' east of the south end of the runway. Due to its thin skin construction, BDU-33 and MK-106 type ordnance is the only authorized munitions.

Target M is a SA-10 simulator and consists of a large truck body and a vertically developed section to simulate erected missile TELs. It is located at the approximate mid-point of a north/south line drawn between targets Echo and Lima. Due to its construction, no heavyweights are allowed.

Target N is a mortorized howitzer formation located approximately one runway length southeast of the south end of the runway. Only BDU-33/MK-106 ordnance is authorized. When attacking this target from the southwest using low angle tactics, the terrain may conceal its location. All three howitzers are scoreable.

Sam Site: Consists of a replica SA-2 missile site (Star of David) approximately 2,000' east north east of the bomb circle. BDU-33, MK-106 type ordnance and heavyweights (inert) up to 2,000 pounds are permitted. The radar van in the center of the target is the DMPI.

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