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Guantanamo Complex

Recently agreement has been reached to transfer the scheduling responsibility for W-1001 from NS Guantanamo Bay to AFWTF. As a part of this agreement the published activation times for W-1001 will change from Sunrise to Sunset, Monday through Saturday to "by NOTAM". This decision will provide for better management of this resource and increase the availability of the airspace to support fleet requirements and access for legitimate civil users.

The Guantanamo complex is located on the southeastern shore of Cuba and in the adjacent offshore ocean area. Radar and telemetry support may be available for some or all of the ranges/areas.

The complex consists of the following target area:

  • Hicacal Target (R-1002)

The following non-instrumented warning area and Operating Area (OPAREA) are associated with this complex;

  • Warning Area 1001 (W-1001)
  • Guantanamo OPAREA

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