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Mid-Atlantic Electronic Warfare Range (MAEWR)

The Mid-Atlantic TACTS and Mid-Atlantic Electronic Warfare (MAEWR) Ranges are located within the Cherry Point Operating Area (CPOA) and the Camp Lejeune Operating Area (CLOA). The MAEWR threat systems are located within R5306A at the (Piney Island) BT-11 target complex and Outlying Field (OLF) Atlantic.

The MAEWR is the area surrounding the MAEWR threat emitters located within R-5306A at BT-11 and OLF Atlantic. MAEWR operations can be conducted while operating in R-5306A, Neuse ATCAA, Pamlico B MOA, Hatteras B South ATCAA or W-122A/B. Electronic warfare exercises are permitted with simulations for SA-2, SA-3, SA-5, SA-6, SA-8, SA-11 surface-to-air missiles, AAA (23mm, 57mm, 85mm, 100mm), communications jammer, and I/J-band jammer. MAEWR can function independently or can be fully integrated with the TACTS. No ordnance is permitted on the MAEWR threat emitters. MAEWR has a wide variety of EW threat emitters. MAEWR is normally available 0840-1640, Monday through Thursday and 0840 to 1410 Friday.

Presently, the MAEWR has 30 threat site locations capable of simulating nine SAM and seven AAA versions, and one threat RF jammer. The MAEWR IADS includes long range search and height finding radars. The TACTS range coverage includes the R5306A, Alert Area-530, R5306C, R5306D, Hatteras-Fox and the Neuse ATCAA. TACTS functional system coverage extends into portions of the W-122, and the Pamlico-B Military Operating Area (MOA) southwestward to Holly Ridge, NC. TACTS covers approximately 4,000 square nautical miles for 36 High Activity Aircraft (HAA) and 25,000 square nautical miles for 100 Low Activity Aircraft (LAA). The Mid-Atlantic TACTS & Electronic Warfare (EW) real time mission and post mission debrief facilities are located in Bldg 4280 at MCAS Cherry Point, MAG-29 Training Annex at MCAS New River, Building H-1 at MCB Camp Lejeune, and the TACTS facility at NAS Oceana.

Electronic Warfare (Manned) Threat Systems can be employed for tactical training. Sites are located at Piney Island (BT-11) and MCOLF atlantic. Contact TACTS-ew mission coordinators for ew support. Coordinates are degrees, minutes, & seconds. All mobile sites are deployable anywhere on government peoperty within the TACTS/maewr area of coverage. They require at least ten working days noticification for deployment.

  • Site 1/site 1a BT-11/mobile - Site 1 is located on a tower on Piney Island (35-01-07n 076-27-14w). Site 1a is a mobile site. Zsu-23 simulation, often referred to as the "tactical radar threat generator" (trtg). Threat can be deployed within 100 miles of BT-11. Split screen boresight video (vhs) is available on request. Threat is not currently TACTS integrated.
  • Site 2 BT-11 Sa-8 simulation. A manned threat located at BT-11. Location 34-59-32n/076-27-30w . boresight video (vhs) is available on request. The threat is TACTS integrated.
  • Site 3 BT-11 Sa-2ce simulation. Threat located at 35-01-14n/076-27-56w. Boresight video (vhs) is available on request. Threat is TACTS integrated.
  • Site 4 OLF Sa-8, zsu-23 or s-60 (57mm) simulation. Located at 34-53-32n/076-21-22w. Threats are mutually exclusive and may be switched between modes within two minutes. The site is TACTS integrated. (Formerly site-11)
  • Site 5 BT-11 Sa-8, zsu-23, s-60 (57mm), ks-12 (85mm) or ks-19 (100mm) simulations; switch-over time = 2 minutes. Located at 34-59-32n/076-27-30w. Boresight video (vhs) available on request. Threat is TACTS integrated. Site currently in overhaul/not available for msn support.
  • Site 6/7 OLF Sa-2 simulations. Site-6 simulates the sa-2bf (figure 3) and site -7 the sa-2c/e. (figure 2) the sites are co-located at 34-53-08n/ 076-21-15w and 34-53-08n/076-21-13w. Both sites are TACTS integrated. Sites 6 and 7 cannot operate simultaneously. Switch-over time is approx 2 min. Both thrts are TACTS integrated. B/s video (vhs) is available.
  • Site 8 OLF Sa-6 simulation, often referred to as the "multi-band sam" or (mbs) simulator. This is a manned threat located at 34-54-13n/076-20-39w. The site has the only threat acquisition radar and is TACTS integrated. B/s video (vhs) available upon request.
  • Site 9 OLF Sa-3 simulation. This is a manned threat located at 34-53-05n/076-21-39w. The site is TACTS integrated. B/s video is available.
  • Site 31/32 OLF Long range early warning search (32) and height finding radars (31) are located at 34-54-08n / 076-20-48w. The site is not TACTS integrated.

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