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Forward Operating Base Thunder

Forward Operating Base Thunder is located in the Paktia Province of Eastern Afghanistan.

On June 23, 2007 soldiers from FOB Thunder responded to a force of over 60 Taliban in the Bermel District of the Paktika Province intending to attack Afghan and ISAF forces. The Taliban opened fire on allied aircraft, NATO led American forces responded killing sixty fighters with no reported coalition or Afghan civilian casualties.

Attacks by the Taliban in the eastern and southern parts of Afghanistan had been on the rise since 2006, this was the largest reported movement of Taliban forces since January 10, of 2007.

For six months as of September, 2008 elements of the 503rd Military Police Battalion (Airborne) assigned to Task Force Ripcord have been coordinating with Afghan Regional Security Integration Command - East to train the first company of Afghan Military Police. Helping to train a host nation's military police force presents many levels of challenges. Since this is the first Afghan MP Company for the ANA, the establishment and the training programs were created entirely from scratch.

In addition to actually training new Military Police Plans were under way to construct a new MP Headquarters, detention center and courthouse on FOB Thunder.

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