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Forward Operating Base Mizan

Forward Operating Base Mizan is located in the Zabul Province of Eastern Afghanistan. It's about a 25 minute helo ride from FOB Lagman and is just as isolated. It was built by elements of the 173rd Airborne Brigade then turned over to the 10th Mountain Division. As of June 2007, it was home to a platoon from B Company, 1st Battalion, 4th Infantry Regiment an Afghan National Army Platoon and an Embedded training Team.

Mizan runs on generator power, it had an internet connection a T.V. and a full gym that was the primary place for recreation. Heated showers were available but as the water comes from ground water pumped out a well dry spells and drought affect when they might be available. There's a phone booth soldiers could use to keep in touch with family and the soldiers there are always be busy making improvements.

For a FOB that doesn't see much enemy contact it's very well protected, with sandbags and concertina wire everywhere in camp. Soldiers there had a number of up armored humvees with M2 and M240 Machine Guns and Mk.19 Grenade Launchers, they also had a number of mortars including one 105mm.

The mission of soldiers at FOB Mizan was to develop an effective relationship with the Afghan residents of the Mizan district but as of January, 2008 little progress had been made. The Afghan's of Mizan were not openly hostile to Americans just caught between American overtures and Taliban threats. The Taliban had succeeded in diminishing commerce in Mizan by planting roadside bombs and forcing schools to close. ANA units could not effectively patrol since they lacked armored vehicles, still American forces were confident of victory if they could only get the manpower and resources necessary to establish a more permament presence in the Mizan districts various towns and villages.

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