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Condron Army Airfield

Condron Army Airfield is located six kilometers south east of White Sands cantonment area. Runway 09/27, elevation 3934 feet MSL, is in good condition.

The two primary fixed-wing aircraft landing facilities at WSMR are Condron Field located near the Main Post and the airstrip at SRC. Condron Field supports an average of four fixed-wing aircraft/helicopter takeoffs/landings per day with up to 40 flight missions per day during major military training exercises (WSMR 1998c). The White Sands Space Harbor/Northrup Strip, located on the gypsum flats between Big Salt Lake and Lake Lucero, is used year round for NASA shuttle training missions and drone operations. It also acts as a standby landing area for the NASA Space Shuttle Program. Additionally, there is a dirt, fixed-wing landing strip at Oscura Range Center and approximately 35 heliports located across WSMR. Major military air facilities are located at HAFB and Fort Bliss, Texas.

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