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Camp Invicta

Camp Invicta is located in the vicinity of Kabul, Afghanistan. As of 2008 the primary residents were mostly ISAF soldiers from Italy including elements of the Multi-National Engineering Group and the Italian Battle Group. The primary role of the Italians at Invicta has been training elements of the ANA particularly engineers to do reconstruction and improve development of roads and bridges in Afghanistan.

For one important project ISAF Forces of the Kabul Multi National Brigade (KMNB) Multinational Engineer Group (MNEG), working together with Afghan National Army (ANA) Engineers, completed the final reconstruction work on the Khojazanbore Wali road, one of the main routes into Kabul city center. The five km long, Khojazanbore Wali, which was officially re-opened by the Mayor of Kabul, Ghulam Sakri Noorzad, on 20th April, 2006 had been in a state of almost complete disrepair for a long time, with deep holes making it almost impassable in places, particularly during the winter months.

On July 6th, 2006 Troops from ISAFs Kabul Multi National Brigade provided security and force protection for the destruction of a haul of seized narcotics. Soldiers from the Italian Battlegroup, based at Camp Invicta, on the edge of the city, helped local police and Afghan National Army personnel to clear and secure the site for the event.

The joint operation was coordinated with the Counter Narcotics Police of Afghanistan (CNPA), the National Interdiction Unit (NUI) and KMNB. ISAF support included Improvised Explosive Device clearance of the site, as well as additional security for the transportation of the drugs to the burn location. NUI forces provided the over-night security, while the KMNB force protection team established an outer cordon at the burn site as numerous VIPs from the Government, the International Community, and ISAF watched the destruction of the drugs.

On Monday, December 6th, 2006 at Camp Invicta, the Italian battle group organised a shura to discuss reconstruction and development in the Mussahi valley. More than 200 elders, governmental, provincial, religious and ISAF representatives attended. ISAF reaffirmed its commitment to the reconstruction and development projects and engagement in security cooperation. The elders, government officials and police representatives agreed to cooperate with Regional Command Capital (RC-C) on security in support of the projects.

ISAF's Regional Command Capital (RC-C) Italian contingent initiated a training course for Kabul's veterinarians operating in the southern areas of the Afghan capital on 18 May, 2008. Hosted at Camp Invicta, the course was divided into several e-learning modules and was developed by the Italian University of Udine to improve the professional skills of the veterinary operators of Musahi, an area where animal husbandry is an important source of income.

The joint initiative between ISAF's Italian contingent and the academic institution will allow interaction with the teachers located in Udine through the web and can be tailored to the actual needs and levels of knowledge of the attendees. The course was aimed at improving the quality of veterinary assistance in the rural areas of the capital.

Afghanistan's capacity to deal with natural disasters and take responsibility for its future was improved thanks to an ISAF bridge construction course for Afghan National Army soldiers. Thirteen ANA soldiers, with the help of 15 Italian engineers, graduated a 10-day course July 30th, 2008 at Camp Invicta on how to erect a logistic support bridge. Many representatives from the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan's government attended the event.

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