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Camp Stanton

In 2004 Camp Stanton closed and preperations were made to transfer ownership of the facility to the Republic of Korea. This tranfer was completed in 2005. Mention of this shift was made in US-ROK Land Partnership Plan in 2002, when the expected date of closure was 2007.

Camp Stanton was located less than one mile from the city of Tonggo-ri and its population of 15,000 people, and less than 15 miles outside of Seoul. Camp Stanton encompassed nearly 70 acres and housed Companies D, E, and F of the 4-7th Cavalry Regiment. Its primary mission was to provide Cavalry support for the 2nd Infantry Division. The population of the camp was approximately 300, with 200 of that being US Military personnel and 80 being civilians employed by the Department of the Army.

Camp Stanton was located southeast of Munsan and east-northeast of Munaemi in the Paju plain. The Imjin River was to the northwest and the Han River to the southwest. The Kwangju Mountain Range, an offshoot of the Taebaek Mountains lied to the east. It was also located 13.5 miles from Seoul. Its climate features included, on average, summers between 80 and 90 oF, winters between -5 and 30 oF, and 40-48" of rain during a rainy season between July and August.

Camp Stanton was one of the 42 camps north of Seoul authorized Hardship Duty Pay of $150 per month as of 1 January 2001. The Hardship Duty Pay is paid to troops who are permanently assigned to areas where it is authorized or who serve 30 consecutive days of temporary duty in those areas. Several factors are considered in determining whether a location qualified for the pay: climate, physical and social isolation, sanitation, disease, medical facilities, housing, food, recreational and community facilities, political violence, harassment and crime. The extra pay provides meaningful financial recognition to troops assigned in areas where living conditions are substantially below US standards.

Army Community Service is not available. The 2nd Infantry Division's 17 installations operate on a hub system that gives Division soldiers access to services not available on their installations. Camp Stanton is near Camp Howze, which offers many of the services not available on Camp Stanton. No Housing Office was provided at Camp Stanton. An Education Center and Family Employment Assistance were provided. Family Quarters were not available. All but 76 of the Division's soldiers served one-year unaccompanied tours. All soldiers lived in on-post quarters.

Central Post Information

Hospitals Available:

  • Civilian hospitals available for emergency cases only.

MWR Facilities Available:

  • Recreation Center
  • Library
  • Gymnasium
  • Swimming Pool
  • Outdoor Tennis/Basketball
  • NCO/Enlisted Club
  • Arts & Crafts

AAFES Facilities Available:

  • Post Exchange
  • Small Post Exchange
  • Burger Bar
  • Airline Ticket Office
  • Tailor Shop
  • Taxi Stand
  • Shoppette
  • Class VI Store
  • Pizza Delivery
  • Filling Station
  • Barber Shop/Beauty Salon

General Area Information

National Parks and Resorts: Tobong, Soyo and Surak Mountains are all in the area, as is the Songdu Resort. Also, there are many parks, resorts, historical sites and entertainment areas in Korea. Because of the country's size and excellent transortation system, all these sites are within a day's travel from anywhere in the Division area. On-post tour and travel offices, Morale, Welfare and Recreation offices, and the USO offer regular excursions.

Nearby Facilities and Places of Interest:

  • Hunting = None nearby. Hunting available at Cheju-Do (300 miles away).
  • Fishing = None nearby. Fishing at Inchon (20 miles away).
  • Skiing = None nearby. Travel to popular Mt. Sorak could be arranged thru Tour & Travel.
  • Swimming and Boating = No boating.
  • Swimming pool available.

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