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Camp Ripley
Little Falls, MN

Camp Ripley is a state owned National Guard Training Site. Camp Ripley is a modernized, state-of-the art training facility. The staff is dedicated to providing support to training in the following areas: Operations/Training, Environmental, Logistics, Civilian Activity Leasing, and Recreation. Camp Ripley trains units from all active and reserve components of the military. Foreign units from Canada, Great Britain, Norway and the Netherlands conduct training exercises on a regular basis. Camp Ripley conducts an extensive Winter Warfare Course for units and is designated the Primary Winter Training Site in the United States.

Camp Ripley features numerous ranges and state of the art training facilities to support unit training requirements. The post has a full complement of automated small arms and tank ranges as well as several specialized training facilities. The post also has maneuver training areas capable of supporting a heavy brigade. Camp Ripley is home for an entire battalion set of M1-IP Main Battle Tanks and have modern ranges through Table XII.

The Mobilization and Training Equipment Site (MATES) contains pre-positioned selected items of equipment for immediate availability upon mobilization and provides equipment to units/organizations for annual training and inactive duty training during pre-mobilization. MATES is a tenant activity at Camp Ripley managed by the State Maintenance Office. Their Mission is to maintain selected items of equipment for immediate availability in the event of mobilization. They also provide units training at Camp Ripley with necessary equipment. Units can use MATES pool equipment rather than shipping their own equipment to the installation.

Camp Ripley is a modern military training site equipped with numerous ranges and firing points capable of firing small caliber side arms to the Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS). The Alpha Range Complex is ideally suited for civilian law enforcement training. This area is a cluster of small arms ranges and tactical and physical training sites. Live fire MOUT (Military Operations on Urban Terrain) buildings are also available for lease. A demolition range for explosive training is also located on the installation. Ranges include automated and non-automated target systems. Ranges can also be designed using portable, radio controlled targets to establish a wide variety of scenarios for training. Numerous non-firing training sites available also include a MOUT Village, confidence/obstacle course, rappel tower, biathlon area, ski trails and training areas containing varied terrain that can be used for search and rescue training. Camp Ripley also has the Engagement Skills Trainer (EST) which is an interactive system with multiple firing points and weapons that provides numerous scenarios designed to enhance fire control and engagement techniques.

Camp Ripley's size allows for firing of artillery into two impact areas from almost anywhere on the post. Firing is allowed from unestablished positions if proper survey and safety data is established. Numerous mortar firing positions are located at established points adjacent to both impact areas.

Winter Operations is a corner-stone of training at Camp Ripley. Camp Ripley is the National Guard's premier cold weather training site in the United States. Active and Reserve Component units from all branches of the military have trained at Camp Ripley. Camp Ripley offers units a complete winter warfare training program. This includes clothing, equipment and instruction tailored to your unit's requirements. Instructors begin training at the unit's home station and continue through the execution of the winter training cycle. Camp Ripley has several training areas designed specifically to support cold weather missions. These include down hill ski slopes, groomed cross country ski trails, a world-class biathlon course, and an improvised shelter site. Additionally most of the ranges have heated buildings to facilitate cold weather range operations. In garrison, billeting and maintenance buildings provide year-round usage.

Camp Ripley has a wide variety of housing available for military and civilian personnel. No family quarters are available on Camp Ripley. There are eight (8) maid service buildings in Areas 7, 10 and 15 with a total capacity of 246 personnel. These individual rooms are equipped with a bed, TV, refrigerator, desk, chair, night stand and wall locker. Towels, bedding and daily cleaning are provided. Four of the buildings have bathrooms shared by adjoining rooms and the remained are equipped with a community bathroom. There are eight (8) non-maid service buildings located in Areas 7,9 and 10 with a total capacity of 212 personnel. These rooms are equipped with a bed, refrigerator, desk, chair and wall locker. The individual must provide their own bedding. Cleaning service is not provided. Camp Ripley has eight (8) VIP houses available that will sleep from 4-8 personnel. Houses are maid service with linen provided. Each house has a living room and patio or porch with grill. They may also be equipped with a washer and dryer. There are 17 "T" Building (barracks) located in Areas 7,9 and 10 with a total capacity of 2820 personnel. All buildings are winterized for year round use. These two story buildings house up to 186 personnel in up to eight open bays. The building includes a kitchen/dining room, shower facilities, supply room and administrative room. Bedding is not provided and the using organization is responsible for cleaning the building.

Camp Ripley has a state of the art education center containing classrooms, conference rooms, computer labs, student lounge, instructor prep areas and video-teleconferencing. All classrooms and conference rooms are equipped with TV, VCR, over head projector capability and 35mm slide capability. Room occupancies range from 10 person to 100 person. Also available on the installation is a 204 seat theater, drill hall, Chapel, maintenance training bays, cafeteria and fitness center that may be leased by organizations. A recreation center with full size gymnasium, shower and sauna facilities is also available. Catered meal service from the Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) is also available.

Camp Ripley is a state game refuge and its natural resources are managed through a cooperative agreement between the Department of Military Affairs and the Department of Natural Resources. As such, all laws pertaining to the management of natural resources are applicable on Camp Ripley.

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