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Camp Ames

During the mid-1970s, US nuclear weapons storage sites in South Korea included Osan Air Base, Kunsan Air Base, Kwang Ju Air Base, Camp Ames, Camp Colbern, and Batteries A-F of the 44th Air Defense Artillery's 2nd Battalion (the nuclear weapons storage site at Osan was deactivated late in 1977). Camp Ames, at Chong Dong Ri not far from Taejon, was the Special Ammunition (SA) supply point (SASP) for Eighth Army. The cantonment area was small, and in the 1970s there were only a few units there, none larger than company size. The 833rd Ordnance Company (SA, General Support) ran the depot and the 110th Military Police Company provided physical security. The 833rd Special Ammunition Storage Company at Camp Ames was the depot storage for all Nike and Hawk Missiles. Other units included the 30th Ordnance Company Nike GS Platoon and the 150th Medical Detachment/665th Dental Team.

In the early 1960s, the 12th Ordnance Detachment (GM)(GS) was located in Camp Ames and provided backup to the Direct Support Detachments. They did the missile rebuild program that was in effect at the time.

In September 1991, President Bush announced the withdrawal of all naval and land-based forward deployed tactical nuclear systems, including those in South Korea. The 6th Ordnance Battalion relocated 22 February 1992 from Camp Ames to Camp Carroll, Waegwan, Republic of Korea. Camp Ames was subsequently closed. The 6th Ordnance Battalion was redesignated on 15 December 1978 as the Korean Ammunition Management System, and the unit's designation reverted on 16 September 1984 to the 6th Ordnance Battalion.

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