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Beaufort Tactical Aircrew Combat Training System (TACTS) Range

The Beaufort Tactical Aircrew Combat Training System (TACTS) located offshore from Charleston, SC. The Beaufort TACTS combat flight training range consists of a 115 x 50 km array of eight towers, 50-100 km offshore) maintained by the Tactical Aircrew Combat Training System at Beaufort, SC Naval Air Station. The Beaufort TACTS Range is located within Special Operating Areas (SOA) 3X (north range), and 4X (south range) in W-157A. The two ranges may be combined for large operations. The operational capability of the TACTS exceeds the geographic boundaries listed and the workable area of the range may be extended to the east by using SOA 3Y and 4Y.

The TACTS range is normally scheduled from 5000-feet to FL430. Additionally, W-158C overlies W-157A and is available from FL430-unlimited. The Beaufort TACTS provides aircrew training and performance evaluation in air-to-air combat . SOA 3X and 4X are also available for non-TACTS air combat maneuvering (ACM). Ordnance is not normally expended in SOA 3X and 4X. NDWS targets can be simulated throughout Pinecastle, Lake George, Rodman and SOA 3X/4X. Each range is available for forty-minute periods, seven days a week, from 0740 until 1620 during the months of November through February and 0740 until 1900 during the months of March through October.

Photovoltaic energy (PV), in which the sun's radiant energy is converted to direct current (DC) electricity, provides the Navy a clean, reliable, and cost-effective way of addressing energy goals in many applications. PV is being used in hybrid systems with diesel generators to provide electricity for intermediate-sized and large grid-interactive systems. The TACTS requirement for constant, reliable power could only have been met by either an underwater cable (at a cost of $75,000 per mile), a diesel generator, or a hybrid PV/wind/diesel system. The hybrid PV option was chosen as the most cost-effective.

The South Atlantic Bight Synoptic Offshore Observation Network (SABSOON) is a project supported by the National Oceanographic Partnership Program in which a real-time observational network is being established on the continental shelf off Georgia. The network utilizes the infrastructure of the Beaufort TACTS Range. Oceanographic and meteorological instruments have been deployed at two central platforms where TACTS provides power and access to wide bandwidth microwave communications. Data are continuously logged on the towers and transmitted to shore hourly.

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