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Airburst Range

The Airburst Range is located in the southwest corner of R-2601, on the Fort Carson Army Reservation. It is approximately 110 miles south of Buckley ANG and 25 miles west of the city of Pueblo, Colorado.

Airburst Range is located within restricted area R-2601 which is managed by Fort carson. Area Overflight of R-2601 is restricted year round. The controlling agency for the airspace surrounding R2601 is the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Denver Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC), Longmont, CO. R2601 (including the Airburst portion) is under the ownership of Fort Carson Range Control.

Airburst Range is constructed on rolling terrain with small mountains to the immediate north. An east-west dirt road network immediately south of a dirt runway defines the northern border of Airburst Range airspace. This is located on the north side of Booth Mountain, the small mountain immediately north of Airburst Range.

There are 100ft. high power lines running east and west to the south of the range. The southern boundary is approximately one mile south of the high-tension power lines that run east and west. The western boundary is a sandy riverbed that runs north and south on the west side of a small rocky canyon area. Houses and a two lane highway border the west boundary. A north-south dirt road network on the east side of Teller Reservoir defines the eastern border of Airburst Range. Teller Reservoir is a small reservoir located on the southern border of Fort Carson, immediately east of Booth Mountain.

Airburst Range is bounded by a line beginning at: 38 o 31' 00" N Latitude 104 o 49' 00" W Longitude, to 38 o 26' 10" N Latitude 104 o 49' 00" W Longitude, to 38 o 26' 08" N Latitude 104 o 57' 30" W Longitude, to 38 o 29' 35" N Latitude 104 o 57' 30" W Longitude thence via Colorado Highway 115 North to 38 o 31' 00" N Latitude 104 o 57' 55" W Longitude thence to point of origin.

The Fort Carson Multi-purpose Training Range (MPRC) is located directly east of Airburst Range. The MPRC is active 250+ days per year for Artillery and tank firing.

Airburst Range has 31 scoreable bomb targets and four (4) low angle strafe targets scored with a IRSSS system. Targets 28, 29, and 30 are moved approximately three times per month. All of the bomb targets except T-21 are tactical in nature.

Airburst Range utilizes target 6 for basic night deliveries. The target is illuminated with lights in the shape of a cross. Other targets may be lit upon request. Airburst has Night Vision Device (NVD) compatible and normal lighting available.

There are three different types of Close Air Support (CAS) opportunities available on Airburst Range.

  • Generic CAS: CAS training conducted by Airburst, Range Control Officers (RCO).
  • CAS with Forward Air Controller (FAC): CAS training conducted by Air Force FAC.
  • CAS with Special Forces (SF): CAS training conducted by US Army SF Terminal Guidance Operators.

Communication equipment available at the range includes selectable frequency UHF VHF, and low band VHF-FM radios. UHF transmissions on the primary frequency are recorded on a radio recording system. A closed circuit telephone system is used to relay scoring information from the spotting towers to the main tower scorer. There is DSN, long distance, local and FAA drop line service available.

Clearance into Airburst Range is clearance into the Airburst Portion of R-2601 and Airburst MOA. This clearance is not clearance to use all of R-2601. Aircraft that deviate out of the Airburst portion of R-2601 could have a conflict with parachuting activities, air drops, C-130 tactical landing activities, artillery firing, mortar firing, tank and/or Bradley Fighting Vehicle firing fans, as well as numerous other hazardous activities.

At the range, target identification is an absolute must prior to expending ordnance. This is a requirement due to the fact that Army troops may be training in the vicinity of Airburst Range and may present a picture similar to many targets on Airburst Range. The use of chaff is not permitted on Airburst Range though self-Protection flares may be employed in the target area.

Regular Army Helicopter operations may be taking place around Airburst Range during munitions delivery sorties. A concrete helipad for helicopters to land on is located on the south side of the main tower at Airburst Range. Helicopters may also land on the south side of the dirt road that defines the south side of the Airburst Range impact area. When door gunnery training is taking place on Airburst Range, it is common to have helicopters located in the field immediately south of Airburst Range.

Electronic Threats: Airburst Range has available for use a RWR Lite Electronic Warfare Simulator. This piece of equipment will give cockpit indications of various threats. This simulator is available on a daily basis for use on first run attacks/other types of training as requested.

Airburst Range has the capability to employ Smokey SAM Simulators in conjunction with the SENTRY DAWG or by themselves. All First Run Attacks will normally be engaged by these threats. CAS flights will normally be engaged by these threats during the mission. Airburst Range normally fires the Smokey SAM's and the AAA from one of two pre-positioned locations. One location is located in the vicinity of the main tower. The second location is located in the northwest corner of Airburst Range. These simulators can be fired from other locations around Airburst Range or in Pinon Canyon, located under IR-409.

TGT # NAME LAT LONG UTM (EC) Elevation Satellite Imagery
EC GRID ORIGIN N37-56.855 W105-00.000 00000000
1 A/C on Rwy/Taxi Intx N38-26.979 W104-53.550 09378 55712 5544 APG RW8F
2 NW Revetted A/C east of Intx N38-26.947 W104-53.477 09487 55657 5549 APG RW8G
3 NE Revetted A/C east of Intx N38-26.929 W104-53.458 09515 55621 5540 APG RW8H
4 SE Revetted A/C east of Intx N38-26.911 W104-53.489 09469-55587 5541 APG RW8K
5 SW Revetted A/C east of Intx N38-26.928 W104-53.506 09444 55622 5541 APG RW8J
6** AC 1/3 way down from north end of Rwy N38-26.860 W104-53.647 09239 55493 5543 APG RW8L
7 POL Pump Station N38-27.142 W104-53.847 08946 56014 5630 APG RW8M
8 Fuel Cell #1 N38-27.086 W104-53.851 08943 55909 5621 APG RW8N
9 Fuel Cell #2 N38-27.062 W104-53.889 08887 55865 5612 APG RW8P
10 Fuel Cell #3 N38-27.118 W104-53.879 08901 55969 5617 APG RW8Q
11 POL Convoy TRK #1 N38-27.101 W104-53.822 08985 55936 5614 APG RW8R
12 POL Convoy TRK #2 N38-27.070 W104-53.793 09027 55879 5627 APG RW8S
13 POL Convoy TRK #3 N38-27.050 W104-53.785 09038 55843 5614 APG RW8T
14 Sub Power Station N38-27.006 W104-53.107 10024 55763 5558 APG RW8U
15 SA3 Radar Van N38-26.860 W104-53.389 09614 55493 5560  
16** SA3 TEL West N38-26.831 W104-53.456 09518 55438 5568 APG RW8V
17** SA3 TEL SW N38-26.804 W104-53.440 09541 55389 5558 APG RW8W
18** SA3 TEL SE N38-26.790 W104-53.402 09595 55363 5517 APG RW8X
19** SA3 TEL East N38-26.800 W104-53.363 09653 55381 5515 APG RW8Y
21 300’ Radius Conventional Circle N38-26.664 W104-52.731 10573 55130 5533 APG RW93
22 Tank 100’ west of line of 8 tanks N38-27.202 W104-53.186 09909 56125 5570  
23 Concrete cmd post on SE side of hill west of Rwy N38-27.018 W104-53.693 09172 55783 5600  
24 3rd vehicle from NW end o convoy at road Intx N38-27.179 W104-53.463 09506 56083 5563 APG RW94
25 3rd vehicle from SE end of Rwy N38-27.058 W104-53.382 09625 55858 5548 APG RW95
26** RR tunnel on south face of hill 0.1 mile west of NW convoy N38-27.239 W104-53.471 09494 56193 5593 APG RW96
27** RR bridge SW of locomotive N38-27.268 W104-53.568 09354 56247 5583  
28 SA6 vehicle with two missiles (position A) N38-27.354 W104-53.644 09244 56404 5593  
29 SA6 vehicle with two missiles (position B) N3827.193 W104-53.408 09586 56108 5592  
No Drop
SA6 vehicle with two missiles (position C) N38-27.333 W104-53.998 10182 56368 5561  
34** Weapons Storage Bunker N3827.166' W10453.397' 0960 5606 5600
35** Weapons Storage Bunker
36** Weapons Storage Bunker N38 27.062 W 104 53.288 0976 5587 5559  
37** Locomotive N38-27.247 W104-53.512 09435 56208 5581  
38** Radio Repeater St. N38-26.876 W104-53.229 09848 55523 5540  
No Drop A/C on Taxiway N38-26.69 W104-53.72 09131 55174 5584  
No Drop S60 N38-27.48 W104-53.10 10038 56644 5639  
Strafe Conventional N38-26.757 W104-53.000 10180 55301 5514 APG RWKB/C
Strafe Tactical-Single Truck N38-26.743 W104-52.962 10237 55277 5512 APG RWKD/E
No Drop Main Tower N38-26.531 W104-53.370 09644 54885 75 ft APG RZWZ
No Drop Helo Pad N38-26.50 W104-53.35 0967 5484
No Drop West Flank Tower N38-26.833 W104-54.120 08556 55444 50 ft  
No Drop East Flank N38-26.161 W104-52.580 10793 54201 N/A  
Note: ** Heavy weight bombs not authorized on this target

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