Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron-452 [VMGR-452]

VMGR-452 was commissioned on 9 September 1988 with, at that time, only 2 KC-130T aircraft, 105 Marines and no hangar facilities.

During the next 19 months of working without a hangar, the Marines of VMGR-452 worked out in the elements of the flight line, experiencing all climes including rain, sleet, snow, and ice. Maintenance was performed on the aircraft for 2 consecutive New York winters, with wind chills of 20o below zero on many occasions.

As of early 2001, VMGR-452 maintains 14 KC-130T aircraft with all of the requisite operational and maintenance functions in order to support Fleet Marine Force commitments worldwide. The KC-130T maintains the unique ability of completing special operations missions by employing the aircraft-configured Night Vision System, thus further enhancing its tactical capability.

Although VMGR-452 is a reserve squadron, it maintains an impressive operational readiness posture capable of responding to short notice commitments in support of both active and reserve forces.

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