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Marine Aircraft Group (MAG)

The Marine Aircraft Group (MAG) is an administrative and tactical command element. It is the smallest aviation unit that is designed for independent operations with no outside assistance except access to source of supply. A Marine Air Group is commanded by a colonel and is similar to an Air Force Wing. A MAG is a component of a Marine Aircraft Wing (MAW) which is commanded by a major general. Each MAG is task organized for the assigned mission. There are two types of MAGs within the MAW: rotary-wing (MAG VH) and fixed-wing (MAG VF/VA). The primary mission of a MAG VF/VA is to conduct AAW and OAS operations from advance bases, FOBs, and aircraft carriers. MAG VF/VAs may consist of any combination of Marine attack squadron (VMAs), Marine fighter attack squadrons (VMFAs), Marine all-weather fighter attack squadrons (VMFA(AW)s), Marine aerial refueler transport squadrons (VMGRs), Marine unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) squadrons (VMUs), Marine tactical EW squadrons (VMAQs), MALS (fixed wing). The primary mission of the MAG VH is to provide assault support. Normally, the MAG VH includes one Marine light/attack helicopter squadron (HMLA), three Marine medium helicopter squadrons (HMMs), and two Marine heavy helicopter squadrons (HMHs), and one MALS (rotary wing). Each fixed- and rotary-wing MAG has a MALS.

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