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67th Special Operations Squadron [67th SOS]

The 67th Special Operations Squadron provides worldwide clandestine aerial refueling of special operations helicopters. It has the additional capability of infiltration, exfiltration, and resupply of special operations forces by airdrop or airland tactics.

The 67th Special Operations Squadron was originally constituted as the 67th Air Rescue Squadron on 17 October 1952 and activated on 14 November 1952 at Sculthorpe RAF Station, England. Assigned to the 9th Air Rescue Group, (attached to Third Air Force, 15 Nov 1953-24 Jun 1958), it was reassigned to the Air Rescue Service on 24 June 1958 before being discontinued, and inactivated on 18 March 1960 at Prestwick, Scotland. Tasked with rescue and recovery operations in the European area, including spacecraft recovery in the Atlantic, te squadron operated the SB-29 (1952-1956); C-82 (1952-1953); C-47 (1953-1955); SC-54 (1955-1958); SH-19 (1955-1960); and the SA-16 (1957-1960).

It reactivated on 10 May 1961 under Military Air Transport Service, and organized on 18 June 1961 at Prestwick, Scotland under the Air Rescue (later, Aerospace Rescue and Recovery) Service. Redesignated as the 67th Air Recovery Squadron on 1 August 1965. That same year, the squadron first began operating the HC-130 aircraft, and the following years, the HH-43 (1966-1969, 1970, 1971-1972); the HH-3 (1969-1971); and the HH-53 (1971-1988). Prior to that, the 67th had flown the SC-54 (1962); HC-54 (1962-1965, 1966); C-54 (1962-1965); SA-16 (1962); HU-16 (1962-1963); SH-19 (1962); and the HH-19 (1962-1964).

It was redesignated as the 67th Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Squadron on 8 January 1966, and it relocated to Moron AB, Spain on 1 July 1966, before being reassigned to Atlantic Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Center (later, 40th Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Wing), on 8 April 1967.

It relocated to RAF Woodbridge, England on 15 January 1970 (but deployed at RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus, from 13-27 June 1976; at Incirlik AB, Turkey, from 13 January-18 March 1991 and 6 April-10 June 1991).

The 67th was reassigned to the 39th Aerospace Rescue and Recovery (later, 39th Special Operations) Wing, on 17 May 1973 (though under the operational control of the JCS, from 12-27 June 1976; and attached to Joint Special Operations Task Force: from 13 January-18 March 1991, and from 6 April-10 June 1991).

Redesignated as the 67th Special Operations Squadron on 1 June 1988, the unit relocated to RAF Alconbury, England, on 1 April 1992 (deployed at Brindisi AB, Italy and Incirlik AB, Turkey, 2 Mar-12 Jul 1993) before being reassigned to the 352d Special Operations Group, on 1 December 1992 (attached to Joint Special Operations Task Force, 2 March-12 July 1993).

The 67the provided support to special operations forces conducting NATO operations over Northern Iraq, 1991 and 1993.

The 67th SOS eventually relocated to RAF Mildenhall, United Kingdom, as part of efforts by the 352nd SOG to consolidate all its assigned units in one location.

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