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362nd Training Squadron [362nd TRS]

The 362nd Training Squadron is the largest training squadron in the USAF. It conducts quality technical and military training in a variety of aircraft maintenance career fields.

The 362nd Training Squadron is composed of 5 flights as well as various Operating Locations and training detachments, one of which is located at Ft. Eustis, VA:

  • Maintenance Management Training Flight: Provides training for aircraft/munitions maintenance officers, maintenance scheduling and analysis technicians and supervisors, and enlisted aircrew apprentices.
  • Fighter Training Flight: Provides Mission Ready Airman (MRA) training for A-10, F-15, and F-16 apprentice crew chiefs. The flight also provides high-quality 7-level crew chief training for active duty, guard, and reserve students from units around the world.
  • Heavy Training Flight: Provides initial skills training for all fixed wing crew chiefs through its Aircraft Fundamentals Course. The flight also provides MRT training for C-130 and C-141 apprentice crew chiefs. Students assigned to B-1B/B-2, C-135, and B-52 aircraft are also trained in this flight.
  • Training Support Flight: Provides sound technical training, resource planning, and guidance on all training requirements to meet the training mission. This flight is the office of primary responsibility within the squadron for Career Field Education and Training Plans, and works closely with Career Field Managers to ensure training meets the needs of operational units.
  • Military Training Flight: Provides for the administration, welfare, and discipline of all squadron students on a daily basis.
  • Training detachment and Operating Locations: These geographically separated units provide "real world" hands-on technical training to include launch, recovery, and servicing of various types of aircraft.

The mission of the 362nd TRS is to train the finest technically skilled and disciplined war fighting airmen.

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