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321st Special Tactics Squadron [321st STS]

The 321st Special Tactics Squadron is tasked with providing a fast reaction, rapidly deployable force capable of establishing and providing control of the air/ground interface during Special Operations or conventional missions.

The Special Tactics' mission is to provide the Joint Special Operations Air Component Commander with quick-reaction command and control air traffic management, casualty recovery, treatment and evacuation, staging, and weather forecasting during joint air and ground/maritime operations.

The 321st Special Tactics Squadron pararescuemen and combat controllers provide for the establishment of drop zones, landing zones, air traffic control, combat medical care and evacuation and combat search and rescue for fixed and rotary wing assets.

In addition combat controllers trained in SOTAC conduct terminal guidance of fires delivered by fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

Also, the 321st has combat weathermen assigned to provide weather support for Air Force and Army special operations.

The 321st STS relies on the 720th Special Tactics Group for functional management.

During Operation Allied Force, airmen from the 321st STS were involved in the rescue of two downed U.S. fighter pilots.

In early 2000, the 321st STS provided rescue, evacuation and trans-load (moving victims from helicopter to fixed-wing aircraft), operations during Operation Atlas Response in flood-torn Mozambique.

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