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271st Combat Communications Squadron

Responsible for deploying, operating and maintaining 13 Communications Electronics Unit Type Code packages in support of wartime tasking. Unit is tasked to train people and prepare equipment and supplies to respond within 72 hours for contingency operations. In a blend of the federal and state missions, the unit participates in drug interdiction efforts in the local area and offers strong support of its sister squadrons, communications industry representatives in the Commonwealth, and support of community efforts in the local area. To provide trained personnel to support state and local authorities in time of natural disaster or civil strife at the command of the Governor.

The unit was originally constituted as the 322nd Signal Company, Wing, US Army/Air Forces and activated at Wendover Field, UT on 15 August 1942. Deactivated on 15 December 1945, the unit was then reactivated on 24 May 1946, as the 103rd Communications Squadron Operations on 1 October 1952. The unit was again renamed as the 271st Communications Squadron (Tributary Team) on 1 October 1960, and then changed to the 271st Mobile Communications Squadron (Contingency) on 16 March 1968. The unit changed stations from Harrisburg-York Airport, New Cumberland, PA to Olmsted State Airport, Middletown, PA on 15 June 1968, and then moved to Fort Indiantown Gap, Annville, PA on 15 April 1974. The unit was re-designated as the 271st Combat Communications Squadron on 1 April 1976. The unit was assigned to the 193rd Special Operations Wing under the auspices of the 193rd Regional Support Group on 5 April 1999, Special Order G-179.

During the first and second quarter, the 271st deployed personnel to Al Jabber, Kuwait in support of Operation Southern Watch. Also, during the first quarter personnel were activated Home Station in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Although the unit was involved with these operations, they still managed to donate $4,410 towards their annual Christmas Project.

The 2nd quarter had personnel deploy to Kyrgyzstan, Ganci Air Base, in Central Asia and personnel activated in support of Operation Noble Eagle, Home Station to protect Home Station.

The 271st performed their annual training Home Station at the end of the 3rd quarter after being cancelled out of a stateside deployment to CRTC, Savannah Georgia due to an airlift deficiency. The squadron supported an Army exercise - Grecian Firebolt and also supported the 231st CBCS deployed to Bethany Beach with a TRC 170 and a PSC 5.

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