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Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 51 (VR-51)

The VR-51 "Windjammers" is the naval reserve's newest squadron and flies two C-20G aircraft in support of worldwide fleet operations. In addition to moving thousands of Sailors, Soldiers, Marines and cargo across the globe, the squadron has provided transportation for vital State Department missions and last minute support for a number of dignitaries. VR-51 provides crew swap-outs for C-130 squadrons in the Asian and European theaters, thus keeping the C-130 asset in-theater and significantly increasing payload capacity for 'OCONUS' theaters. The squadron was commissioned in 1997, comprised of 75 naval reservists. As of early 2000 there were 30 active members and 40 selected reserve assigned to VR-51.

The C-20G, a modified Gulfstream IV, normally operates with a crew of four and can carry up to 26 passengers, 6,000 pounds of cargo, or combinations of passengers and cargo. The aircraft is capable of moving the fleet's medium payloads within a quick response time. The high-speed, medium-lift, long-range aircraft has been used extensively to support the fleet in regions where suitable airfields for refueling are unavailable or undesirable or where time constraints dictate minimizing fuel stops.

Commander Fleet Logistics Support Wing Detachment Hawaii stood up in December 1994 and was commissioned as a squadron in November 1997. VR-51 flies approximately 3000 flight hours per year, providing worldwide support for the Department of Defense. VR-51 has provided support for numerous Western Pacific and Mediterranean C-130 detachments and has supported UNITAS exercises in Chile and Argentina. Notable missions include flying Under Secretary of Defense Gansler to Singapore, a Congressional delegation to China, and White House staff support visits to several sites in India and Bangladesh. With various squadron assigned missions, the aircrew and command personnel are allowed recreation time in a variety of different locations, ranging from Wake Island to South America to China and more. Other locations include Europe, India, Australia, American Samoa, Singapore, Asia, Africa, Bahrain, Indonesia, Jordan and Vietnam. The "Windjammers" get their name from their unique home in Hawaii and worldwide range of operations out of Marine Corps Base Hawaii, Kaneohe Bay.

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