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Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 48 (VR-48)

Fleet Logistics Support Squadron Four Eight(VR-48) traces its roots to Naval Air Station, Anacostia, providing over four decades of worldwide, around-the-clock logistical support. On 1 October 1980, the squadron was redesignated "VR-48", operating both the C-118B and C131H aircraft under the operational and administrative control of Commander, Fleet Logistics Support Wing. In October of 1992, VR-48 transitioned to the Lockheed C-130T aircraft. One year later, the squadron began another transition phase to the new C-20G (Gulfstream IV) aircraft.

VR-48 is one of two operational C-20G squadrons in the United States Navy. The squadron follows its chain of command through Commander, Fleet Logistics Support Wing, Commander Naval Air Reserve Force; Commander, Naval Reserve Force and Chief of Naval Operations. The squadron, since completing its transitional phase, is operationally scheduled by Joint Operational Support Airlift Center(JOSAC) for Continental U.S. flights and by the Navy Air Logistics Office(NALO) while operating overseas.

Composed of 28 officers and 118 enlisted personnel, VR-48 operates and maintains its two high-tech aircraft to provide high speed, long range, short notice air logistics support for the fleet. The Gulfstream IV is the premier executive jet in existence today. The aircraft are outfitted with a glass cockpit and computerized flight management system and are capable of speeds in excess of 600 m.p.h. at a cruise ceiling of 45,000 feet. Each C-20G, with a crew of four can carry 26 passengers or 4,500 pounds of cargo non-stop across distances of more than 3,800 miles. These two aircraft are the first of their kind to be outfitted with a cargo door. This military adaptation won high praise at the Farnborough Air Show in Great Britain in September 1996.

Since the acceptance of its aircraft in 1994, VR-48 has compiled over 10,000 mishap free flight hours. The squadron has already proven its versatility while supporting a dynamic schedule for Navy and Marine forces around the world. VR-48 continually conducts extensive training programs to ensure the highest degree of proficiency and professionalism among its pilots, aircrew, maintenance, and administrative personnel. As a result, the squadron is supporting increased tasking at home and abroad in support of NALO and JOSAC scheduling demands.

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