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Patrol Squadron 62 [VP-62]
"Broad Arrows"

The mission of VP-62 is to maintain assigned personnel, aircraft and equipment in a state of readiness and availability which allows rapid deployment to meet crisis response and wartime mobilization requirements and provides peacetime contributory support to the fleet.

Patrol Squadron 62 (VP-62) was commissioned on 01 November 1970 as part of the Reserve Force Squadron (RESFORON) initiative that enabled the Naval Air Reserve Force to provide fully manned and equipped squadrons in the event of war or national emergency. VP-62 is located at Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Florida and has operated the SP-2H "Neptune", P-3A/B "Orion", the P-3B TAC/NAV Mod, and currently the Navy's newest and most formidable maritime patrol aircraft, the P-3C Update III.

VP-62 is under the operational and administrative control of Commander Reserve Patrol Wing. The squadron is comprised of 230 selected reservists and 120 training/ administration of the reserve (TAR) active duty personnel. Selected reserves commute from Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina to take part in proficiency training and operational missions in support of maritime defense.

Since commissioning, VP-62 has logged thousands of operational flight hours supporting the fleet throughout the Atlantic and Mediterranean. During annual training periods, VP-62 personnel have participated in operations at such overseas deployment sites as the Azores, Bermuda, Brazil, Chile, Crete, Iceland, Norway, Panama, Peru, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Sicily, Spain, and the United Kingdom. The success of these deployments have highlighted the advanced capability of the Update III and demonstrated the Naval Reserve's ability to effectively operate and maintain front-line equipment in the most challenging real world environments.

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