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Tactical Support Center (TSC), Brunswick
Fleet Maritime Patrol Mobile Operations Command Center [MOCC]

As Commander of the local ASW Sector, Patrol and Reconnaissance Wing FIVE [COMPATRECONWING FIVE] is responsible for all Patrol Squadron Operations in the Northwestern Atlantic. Many staff members work in the Tactical Support Center (TSC) where intelligence and surveillance information is analyzed using sophisticated electronic equipment.

The Tactical Support Center (TSC) is a node of the Navy Command and Control System (NCCS) Ashore Network. A TSC is equipped to provide Naval maritime sector commanders ashore with command, control, communications, and intelligence support for directing and supporting forces under their command. The U.S. Navy has 16 TSCs world-wide which support maritime patrol aviation forces deployed overseas and at homeports within the United States. TSC's have state of the art equipment to assist in mission planning, tactical aircrew briefing, flight following, and post flight mission data analysis for aircrews flying a variety of maritime patrol aircraft. U.S. Navy TSCs are equipped to support the following types of aircraft: P-3C Orions, S-3B Vikings, Canadian CP-140 Auroras, and the British NIMROD. Tactical Support Center, Brunswick, Maine provides mission support and analysis for Commander Patrol Wing FIVE aircrews as well as visiting Maritime Patrol Aviation (MPA) aircrews from various U.S. and NATO commands.

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