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TAKR 313 Red Cloud

USNS Red Cloud is one of Military Sealift Command's nineteen Large, Medium-Speed Roll-on/Roll-off Ships and is part of the 42 ships in the Prepositioning Program. Most of the ship's time will be spent in and around Diego Garcia, an island in the central Indian Ocean. Large, Medium-speed, Roll-on/Roll-off Ships, or LMSRs, can carry an entire U.S. Army Task Force, including 58 tanks, 48 other track vehicles, plus more than 900 trucks and other wheeled vehicles.

The ship carries vehicles and equipment to support humanitarian missions, as well as combat missions. The new construction vessels have a cargo carrying capacity of more than 380,000 square feet, equivalent to almost eight football fields. In addition, LMSRs have a slewing stern ramp and a removable ramp, which services two side ports making it easy to drive vehicles on and off the ship. Interior ramps between decks ease traffic flow once cargo is loaded aboard ship. Two 110-ton single pedestal twin cranes make it possible to load and unload cargo where shore-side infrastructure is limited or nonexistent. A commercial helicopter deck was added for emergency daytime landing.

USNS Red Cloud is the fourth ship in NASSCO's Sealift New Construction Program, is named after Corporal Mitchell Red Cloud, Jr.

USNS Red Cloud was christened in 1999.

The Red Cloud was launched in August 1999 in San Diego.

On or about January 25, 2003 the USNS Red Cloud arrived in Wilmington, NC to upload equipment.

Cpl Mitchell Red Cloud, Jr.

The ship is named RED CLOUD in honor of Army Cpl. Mitchell Red Cloud Jr. (1925-1950), a native of Hatfield, Wis., who was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for actions during the defense of a ridge in front of his company command post in Korea, Nov. 5, 1950. As the first to detect the approach of enemy forces, Red Cloud gave the alarm and initiated action as the enemy charged from an area less than a hundred feet away. This action allowed his company to organize a defense. He maintained his position despite being severely wounded. He wrapped his arm around a tree to allow him to continue firing upon the enemy until mortally wounded. His heroic actions prevented his company from being overrun. One previous ship (YT 268) (1943- 1986) was named RED CLOUD in honor of an American Indian chief (1822-1909).

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