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SSN 765 Montpelier
"Aduaces Fortuna Juvat"

SSN 765 was commissioned in 1993, has received numerous awards and has been awarded the Navy Unit Citation. The contract to build the sub was awarded to Newport News on Feb 6 1987. Her keel was laid on May 19, 1989 and she was launched in August 23, 1991. The Monpelier was commissioned on March 13, 1993.

In March/April 1995 the Montpelier was originally scheduled to deploy as part of the USS Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Battle Group, Montpelier's mission tasking was changed immediately prior to deploying to allow the ship to conduct a wide variety of independent operations exercising the ship's multi-mission capabilities while in the Mediterranean. On two separate missions, the ship participated in Sharp Guard, involving ships from several countries enforcing sanctions against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

In 2000 the Montpelier took part in UNITAS.

The outline of the body of land with an ornate building superimposed signifies the State of Vermont, and its Capital City, Montpelier. The mountains symbolize the Green Mountain Range and the Winooski River Valley in which the City of Montpelier rests.

The three prominent peaks symbolize the three ships which have borne the name Montpelier. They also symbolize the three prongs of the Trident, the ancient symbol of sea power.

Thirteen of the stars recognize the thirteen battle stars that were awarded to the U.S.S. Montpelier CL-57 during World War 2. The fourteenth star commorates Vermont, the fourteenth State of the Union.

The leaping catamount, native to Montpelier region, signifies the fierce independence and strength of the People of Vermont. The two raised periscopes symbolize looking into the past to draw upon our proud traditions while looking forward to the future of our nation.

The hawser outlining the crest recognizes the Naval Heritage of the ships named Montpelier.

The motto, Audaces Fortuna Juvat, meaning Fortune Favors the Bold, is the traditional motto of the Hayes family, in honor of the ship's sponsor, Mrs. Nancy Hayes Sununu and is representative of the great seafarers of history.

The First Montpelier

The first U.S.S. Montpelier was a German ship that was seized in 1917. It provided logistical services to the Navy by transporting troops and supplies during World War 1.

CL 57

The second U.S.S. Montpelier, CL-57, a Cleveland Class Light Cruiser, known as the "Monty" or "Legend of the Solomons" fought fiercely and bravely in the Pacific Campaign during World War 2 receiving 13 battle stars, and the victim of numerous Japanese Kamakazi attacks during the Battle of Leyte Gulf in November of 1944.

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