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SSN 762 Columbus

USS Columbus is a submarine of the Los Angeles 688 Improved Class, one of the most advanced undersea vessels in the world. While undersea warfare (USW) is its primary mission, the inherent characteristics of the submarine - stealth, endurance and agility - will be used in roles and missions to meet the challenges of a changing global geopolitical climate. USS Columbus has the ability to get on station quickly, stay for an extended period of time, and carry out her mission. These missions include deployment of special forces, minelaying, precision land attack, or anti-submarine or surface warfare while remaining undetected.

Columbus completed a Post Shipyard Availability in June 1994 in Groton, CT after initial constructoin and shakedown operations. In September 1994, the ship conducted an interfleet transfer to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and joined the U.S. Pacific Fleet Submarine Force. Columbus deployed to the Western Pacific in late 1995 through early 1996 and conducted a variety of operations as a unit of the U.S. Seventh Fleet.

USS Columbus returned to its homeport of Pearl Harbor April 28, 2004 following a six-month deployment in the Western Pacific.

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