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SSN 708 Minneapolis-St. Paul

USS Minneapolis-St. Paul was commissioned on 10 March 1984 and was built by Electric Boat. Her keel was laid on 20 January 1981 and she was launched over two years later on 19 March 1983. She took part in Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm and was the first submarine to carry Tomahawk Missiles specifically designated for use in strikes against Iraq during the Gulf War.

Surging waters swept four U.S. sailors from the deck of the nuclear submarine off the coast of southwestern England on December 29, 2006, killing two of them, authorities said. USS Minneapolis-St. Paul was leaving Plymouth harbor accompanied by police boats in rough weather, police said. The four sailors were tied to the vessel with ropes a routine precaution but were knocked into the water by surging waves. while the men were being rescued the submarine came within less than her own length of the Panther Shoal [breakwater] which, given the height of the tide and sea state, was close to grounding the submarine.

After more than 23 years of service, the Los Angeles-class nuclear-powered fast-attack submarine USS Minneapolis-St. Paul (SSN 708) inactivated in a ceremony 22 June 2007 at Pier 3 at Naval Station Norfolk.

Eleven of the 12 Minneapolis-St. Paul's commanding officers and five of its chiefs of the boat attended the inactivation ceremony. Although the ceremony was a celebration, Commanding Officer Cmdr. Woods R. Brown made sure to point out it wasn't a celebration of the end of Minneapolis-St. Paul's career. "We are not celebrating the inactivation of the mighty Minneapolis-St. Paul, but rather we are celebrating a service to this nation of a great and mighty avatar who has added considerably to the defense of America and her freedoms," said Brown.

The Minneapolis-St. Paul completed 12 deployments and earned seven Meritorious Unit Commendations during its 24-year life span. Most recently, the submarine returned from its final six-month deployment to the North Atlantic in April during which it made port visits to Brest, France; Rota, Spain; Plymouth, England; and Lisbon, Portugal.

Submarines like Minneapolis-St. Paul have provided the front line of defense for decades. In all, the sub has visited 26 different ports since it was commissioned in 1984. During deployments the crew demonstrated the flexibility of the fast-attack submarine using its inherent stealth, endurance, and agility in support of the global war on terrorism and maritime security operations.

Minneapolis-St. Paul, a four time Battle Efficiency "E" award winner, throughout its commission exceptionally demonstrated the fast-attack submarine' multi-mission qualities of stealth, persistence, agility and firepower -- able to deploy and support special forces operations, disrupt and destroy an adversary's military and economic operations at sea, provide early strike from close proximity, and ensure undersea superiority.

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