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Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR)

The Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) is one of the Department of the Navy's three major acquisition commands. Its mission is to enable knowledge superiority for the warfighter through the development, acquisition and life cycle support of effective, capable and integrated C4ISR (Command, Control, Communications, Computers Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance), IT (Information Technology), and Space Systems. We strive to deliver these systems as an integrated end- to-end operational capability for the fleet.

"Joint Vision 2020" focuses on Information Technology as pivotal to attaining and maintaining warfighting knowledge and decision superiority. SPAWAR provides the Information Technology that enables the warfighter of today and tomorrow to dominate the information battlespace. Interoperability among the services, coalition partners, government and non-government organizations is now and will continue to be imperative. Guided by the vision of the Naval Warfare Doctrine Command and the Chief of Naval Operation's Strategic Studies Group, advanced network-centric operational concepts are emerging that will rely on integrated, networked C4ISR infrastructure, applications and sensor systems.

SPAWAR provides C4ISR, IT, and space infrastructure, applications and sensor system capabilities that are critical to the national interest. The demand for these capabilities is growing exponentially. SPAWAR supplies the Fleet and our other customers with integrated, adaptable and scalable systems that have high reliability and low maintenance requirements. More than ever, SPAWAR relies on Fleet customers to project their needs and provide input on ways to shape emerging technologies for future use.

By developing and delivering battlespace information collection, communication, processing, and management systems, SPAWAR plays a critical support role in the execution of national military strategies. SPAWAR and its industry partners continue to lead the way in the development, acquisition, and support of these vital systems, and SPAWAR continually improves the process by which the best systems are delivered and supported in a timely, coordinated, cohesive manner.

On May 1, 1966, a fledgling command was established to provide the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps operating forces with electronic systems, equipment and Command, Control and Communications (C3). The Naval Electronic Systems Command (NAVELEX) was one of five systems commands placed under the cognizance of the Naval Material Command (NAVMAT). For 19 years, NAVELEX engineers, scientists, technicians and support personnel worked to meet the demands of their mission. As the 21st century approached, the Navy Department reevaluated to maximize its strengths and a major reorganization took place. The Navy Material Command was disestablished and in May 1985, NAVELEX became Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) - an echelon 2 command under the Chief of Naval Operations. With the new name came new responsibilities. In addition to meeting the Fleet's C3 requirements, emphasis was placed on undersea surveillance and space systems programs.

With the mission change, SPAWAR became manager of many diverse engineering centers and laboratories that are geographically dispersed throughout the country. On October 1, 1997, SPAWAR officially relocated its headquarters to San Diego and consolidated its operations to three Systems Centers operating in four major locations, while maintaining a global presence.

SPAWAR consists of the Commander/Headquarters staff with five program directorates, three Systems Centers (located in Charleston, Chesapeake, and San Diego), the SPAWAR Information Technology Center (New Orleans) and the SPAWAR Space Field Activity (SSFA-D.C.). SPAWAR has over 8,000 government and military employees and receives over $4.5 billion in fiscal resources from all sources. SPAWAR works in partnership with NAVSEA, NAVAIR and industry to provide our nation's military with cutting edge, integrated C4ISR, IT and space systems for the 21st century.

With the expertise provided by SPAWAR's System Centers in Charleston, Chesapeake and San Diego, SPAWAR provides integrated solutions - from solving complex shipboard C4ISR problems, to completely refitting a mobile communications van with the most current technologies and shipping the van anywhere in the world. Our Systems Centers focus on teaching, training, developing, testing, and repairing field systems. SPAWAR focuses on the Fleet customer and works to ensure new capabilities are provided to the units likely to need them the most - Numbered Fleet Commanders, deploying CV/CVN battle groups and amphibious ready groups.

The SPAWAR Space Field Activity, located in Washington D.C., manages the Navy's interest and programs in space sensors and satellite communications. Working closely with the other DoD space commands and the National Reconnaissance Office, SSFA designs the architecture for Navy space systems and manages the complex requirements of extremely diverse joint and coalition requirements.

SPAWAR's newest echelon III command, the SPAWAR Information Technology Center (New Orleans), joined SPAWAR from COMNAVRESFOR on 01 October 2000. Previously known as the Naval Reserve Information Systems Office (NRISO), SPAWAR ITC is responsible for the development, life cycle support and operational control of the Navy Manpower and Personnel Information Systems and Naval Reserve Information Systems. They are also the principle support activity responsible for the Navy Standards Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS) and the Defense Integrated Military Human Resources System (DMHRS).

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