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MHC 61 Raven

The Raven was commissioned on Sept 5, 1998 at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, Md. Raven is the 11th ship of the 12 Osprey class coastal mine hunters, which are named for birds of prey.

Purpure, a stylized horned mine Or, on the shield overall a raven close regardant to dexter upon a Naval officer's sword and cutlass saltirewise points up Proper. Purpure refers to use of that color in the poem The Raven and other works of the late American author Edgar Alan Poe, now buried in Baltimore, Maryland. Gold is emblematic of honor and high achievement. The stylized mine highlights USS RAVEN's mine warfare mission past and present. Crossed sword and cutlass emphasize teamwork and reflect the contribution to readiness made by everyone assigned. The ship's namesake, the raven, underscores the ship's commitment to mission.

From a wreath Or and Purpure on the crest, a demi-sun insplendor superimposed by a stockless anchor Sable bearing on the shaft an ancient spearhead Proper, overall an arc of three mullets Azure. The sunburst highlights the U.S. Navy's worldwide deployed presence under a sun in the sky by a clever raven according to native American lore. The stockless anchor, used by the previous USS RAVEN, symbolizes the present USS RAVEN's firm hold on the finest traditions of the Navy. The spearhead symbolizes the mine warfare force's mission to be the first to enter dangerous waters. Three blue stars commemorate battle stars earned by the previous USS RAVEN during World War II for conducting mine clearance at the approaches to Utah Beach at Normandy, and before other engagements in the Mediterranean Sea.

The motto is a scroll Or doubled, and inscribed "HERE AM I, SEND ME", Azure. A biblical character's answer to a call of service taken from Isaiah chapter six, verse eight. It highlights USS RAVEN's willingness to serve without hesitation in whatever capacity she is called.

The seal has the coat of arms in full color as in the blazon, all upon a white background and enclosed within a dark blue oval border edged on the outside with a gold rope and bearing the inscription "USS RAVEN" at the top and "MHC 61" in base all gold.

The First Raven

The first Raven was a schooner (1813-1815) during the War of 1812.

AM 55

The second Raven was a minesweeper (AM 55) (1940-1967) that earned three battle stars as the lead ship of the class of 93 fleet minesweepers which served in the U.S. and British navies during World War II.

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