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Belleau Wood ESG WESTPAC 02 Deployment
LHA-3 Belleau Wood
ex-Philippine Sea

The Belleau Wood Amphibious Ready Group departed San Diego on June 15, 2002, with the 11th MEU (SOC) aboard, for its WESTPAC 2002 deployment. The USS Denver and the Mount Vernon made up the other elements of the ARG.

The ARG reached Hawaii on June 21 and stayed there until the 25th. From that point the ARG headed towards Singapore where it made a port of call on July 19 through July 23.

From Singapore the Belleu Wood ARG headed for the CENTCOM AOR, transited the Suez Canal, and the 11th MEU participated in the Infinite Moonlight '02 exercise in Jordan, which began on 12 August 2002 and was completed in early September.

Following the exercises in Jordan, the ARG transited the Suez and Operated in the Arabian Gulf region. In late September elements of the ARG arrived off the coast of Kuwait where elements of the 11th MEU were to take part in Eager Mace '03 which is scheduled to last roughly one month. The Belleau Wood continued to operate in the Arabian Gulf in support of operations near or in Yemen and as of late September is expected to join the rest of the ARG off of the coast of Kuwait.


    14 Dec 2002 - returns to San Diego
    mid Nov 2002 - off East Timor
    15 Jul 2002 - departs for WESTPAC

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