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Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light [HSL-46]

To meet Under-Sea Warfare (USW) needs, the United States Navy developed the Light Airborne Multi-Purpose System (LAMPS). The first iteration of this system, LAMPS MK I, employed the Kaman SH-2 Seasprite helicopter. LAMPS MK III, the second generation LAMPS system introduced in 1984 utilizing the Sikorsky SH60-B Seahawk helicopter, improved upon the capabilities provided by the first generation, providing cruisers, destroyers and frigates with a fully integrated weapon system for primary support in USW and SUW roles.

The SH-60B, with its communication equipment, on-board sensors, and processing capabilities is ideally suited for integrated or stand alone USW and SUW operations. The Seahawk's long range and excellent endurance greatly extend the ship's combat horizon. When tasked, the Seahawk can locate and identify hostile surface contacts and launch either the Penguin or Hellfire anti-ship missiles. The SH-60B is a twin-engine, single rotor, All Weather helicopter equipped to carry out a broad range of missions while deployed aboard ships with small flight decks, limited hangar space and minimal support equipment.

The mission of the SH-60B includes Under-Sea Warfare (USW), Anti-Surface Warfare (ASUW), VERTREP (Vertical Replenishment), SAR (Search and Rescue), MEDEVAC (Medical Evacuation) and Naval Surface Fire Support (NSFS). These missions have often been compared to a chess game. All are pursuits in subtlety and finesse requiring consummate strategic planning and tactical thought. "Grandmaster" is a title bestowed on those who have achieved international standing in chess through tactical expertise and demonstrated competence.

The call sign for the squadron aircraft is "Cutlass." A cutlass is a sword traditionally carried by sailors on wooden ships who fought hand to hand in sea-going engagements. The squadron's insignia depicts the knight chess piece against a black and white chessboard with white lettering against a black background. The primary squadron color of black and gray is used in conformance with the color scheme tradition of HSL-46. The versatile knight, with its ability to execute multiple moves, is symbolic of the versatility of the SH-60B's ability to execute multiple missions. The eight-point star on the front of the knight's shield represents the eight points of the compass and embodies HSL-46's ability to go anywhere in the world. The determination and intensity on the knight's face is representative of the determination, enthusiasm, and motivation of the squadron members of HSL-46. The insignia is a depiction of the warriors that the "Grandmaster" insignia represent and the aircraft that they fly.

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