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CL-41 Philadelphia

USS Philadelphia, a 9700-ton Brooklyn class light cruiser built at the Philadelphia Navy Yard was commissioned in September 1937. She served in the Atlantic area until mid-1939, then spent nearly two years in the Pacific. In May 1938, Philadelphia carried President Franklin D. Roosevelt on a Caribbean cruise and, in the spring of 1939, took part in the New York World's Fair. After returning to the Atlantic in June 1941, the cruiser was employed on Neutrality Patrols and "short of war" operations as relations with Germany became increasingly hostile.

Philadelphia continued her patrol and escort activities after the United States entered World War II in December 1941. She shepherded two convoys to Scotland in mid-1942 and was flagship of the Southern Attack Group during the invasion of North Africa in November of that year. During 1943, Philadelphia escorted more trans-Atlantic convoys and provided gunfire support and anti-aircraft protection during the invasions of Sicily in July and Salerno in September. During the latter operation, her six-inch guns destroyed several German tanks that threatened the beachhead.

In 1944, Philadelphia took part in the Anzio operation between February and May, and the invasion of Southern France in August, frequently using her guns against enemy targets. In July and August of 1945 she escorted USS Augusta as that ship carried President Harry S. Truman to and from the Potsdam Conference. Later in the year, she transported U.S. service personnel home from Europe as part of Operation "Magic Carpet".

Inactive after the beginning of 1946, Philadelphia was formally decommissioned in February 1947. As part of an effort to enhance the defenses of America's Cold War partners, she was sold to Brazil early in 1951 and reactivated at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. Renamed Barroso, the cruiser served in the Brazilian Navy for more than two decades. She was scrapped in 1973.

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