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John C. Stennis Strike Group WESTPAC 01 Deployment
CVN-74 John C. Stennis
"Johnny Reb" / "Look Ahead"

USS John C. Stennis was operating off the coast of southern California on September 11, 2001, going through continuous exercises for the upcoming deployment in January 2002.

The Stennis battle group deployed two months earlier than originally scheduled. The carrier left San Diego on 12 November 2001 to relieve the Vinson battle group in the Arabian Sea.

On December 15, USS John C. Stennis, and the Carrier Battle Group, had arrived where she would spend the next four months operating in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM and Operation ANACONDA. Truly an historic deployment, we think you'll find some of the below facts remarkable.

USS John C. Stennis was the fifth carrier on station in the North Arabian Sea. She was the first carrier to launch strikes into Afghanistan in support of OPERATION Anaconda. The ship conducted flight operations for 111 days supporting Operation ENDURING FREEDOM.

The ship and crew sustained 100 days of continuous operations with only 4 days liberty in Bahrain, allowing the ship to anchor only once.

The aviators flew 10,600 combat sorties, and logged 54,390 hours.The ordnancemen built and the aviators dropped 275,000 pounds of ordnance. and the planes used over 23,115,895 gallons of jet fuel. The flight deck crew safely recovered 9,600 arrested landings.

The ship conducted 30 underway replenishments. This was more than twice as many, taking on more than twice as much fuel, and FIVE times as many pallets of ordnance than the previous two years combined.

John C. Stennis was also the platform for the first coalition E-2 and C-2 Cross deck landings onboard the FMS Charles De Gaulle, and the French E-2 landing onboard USS John C. Stennis. In May, USS John C. Stennis completed her first wartime deployment to the Western Pacific and North Arabian Sea supporting Operation ENDURING FREEDOM.


    28 May 2002 - Returns to San Diego
    Apr-May 2002 - Departs North Arabian Sea
    15 Dec 2001 - replaces Vinson
    12 Nov 2001 - 6-mo WestPac/Gulf
    21 Sep 2001 - returned San Diego
    11 Sep 2001 - departed San Diego [SoCal CAP?]
    Oct 2000 - Apr 2001 - 6-mo PIA

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