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Carl Vinson Strike Group WESTPAC 01 Deployment
CVN-70 Carl Vinson
"Gold Eagle"

Carl Vinson finished the overhaul period in June 2000 and began the pre-deployment phase of operations. The ship got underway for sea trials, TSTA, FEP, and COMPTUEX in the fall, operating off the coast of Southern California with Carrier Air Wing Eleven and other ships in the battlegroup.

Carl Vinson was scheduled to depart on WestPac in late July 2001. USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) on March 7 completed a major hurdle when it wrapped up a grueling four-day at-sea on load of its "mission load" of more than 1,875 tons of ammunition. Ammunition UNREPs occur about six months prior to every aircraft carrier's Western Pacific deployment. The ammunition is off-loaded from a carrier returning from WestPac. Carl Vinson's mission load came from the Everett, Wash.-based USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72), which returned from WestPac in February.

Carl Vinson steamed out of Bremerton, Wash., on July 23, and after stopping to on load Carrier Air Wing Eleven at Naval Air Station, North Island, Calif., headed west. On Sept. 11, USS Carl Vinson was rounding the tip of India en route the Arabian Gulf to enforce the no-fly zone over Southern Iraq in support Operation Southern Watch . At that moment, the Gold Eagle changed course and headed to the North Arabian Sea, where the battle group would stand ready to answer the call of freedom. That call came, and on Oct. 7, 2001, the Carl Vinson and her battle group launched the first strikes in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. For 72 days, the battle group remained on station and together with Carrier Air Wing Eleven conducted more than 4,200 combat sorties in the War on Terrorism. In mid-December, Carl Vinson stood down the watch and headed home, visiting Singapore for Christmas.


    23 Jan 2002 - Arrived Bremerton
    15 Dec 2001 - Replaced by Stennis
    10 Oct 2001 - Operating in Arabian Sea
    16 Sep 2001 - Persian Gulf
    16 Sep 2001 - Relieved CVN-65 Enterprise
    23 Jul 2001 - Departed Bremerton for WESTPAC
    Summer 2000 - DPIA overhaul

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