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Special Warfare Education Group (Airborne)

The Special Warfare Education Group (Airborne) (SWEG [A]) is responsible for assessing, selecting, and educating US Army civil affairs, military information support operations, and Special Forces soldiers and civilians throughout their careers by providing relevant instruction and professional development in order to possess the capability to succeed in any global region. As of 2012, the Special Warfare Education Group (Airborne) was divided into a Headquarters Company and 4 departments: Academic Affairs and Education, Regional Studies, Human Dynamics, and Language.

The Human Dynamics Department conducted the Army Special Operation Forces Assessment and Selection and Screening Course Programs in civil affairs, military information support operations, special forces, and cultural support. Human Dynamics also supported learning and performance enhancement through the Special Operations Center for Enhanced Performance (SOCEP); through Tactical Human Optimization, Rapid Rehabilitation, and Reintegration (THOR3); and through Adaptive Thinking and Leadership courses and training enhancement.

The Academic Affairs and Education Department supported Army special operation forces soldiers in attaining their AA, BA, MA, or PhD degrees. The department also provided instructor training and certification through the Special Operations Instructors Courses, as well as conducting professional military education programs through the Captain's Career Course and the Pre-Command Course.

The Regional Studies Department offered both a foundational introduction to the systems approach to regional analysis and cultural competencies and an intermediate course that was a country-focused cross-cultural communications studies in a regional and global context. These regional study courses were taught within the language courses, as part of the Qualification courses, and in support of the Culture Support Training course (CST).

The Language Department provided basic language instruction for all the Special Operations Qualification Courses in 13 core languages: Spanish, French, Indonesian, Thai, Tagalog, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Dari, Pashto, Arabic, Persian-Farsi, and Urdu. This course was 24 weeks long and designed to give the student a basic speaking and listening proficiency level on the Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI). The Language Department also offered an intermediate level course of instruction in 7 of the core languages, which was designed to bring the student to the next level of proficiency on the OPI and the Defense Language Proficiency Test. The Language Department also provided language sustainment and enhancement programs throughout the careers of Army special operatiosn forces soldiers.

The Special Warfare Education Group (Airborne) was an outgrowth of the JFK Special Warfare Center and School's Directorate of Regional Studies and Education. Much of the functional training in such areas had also been previously performed by elements of the Special Warfare Training Group. In 2011, the Directorate received authorization to form a dedicated unit for these functions and others, which brought with it the task of selecting the Group's and subordinate units' command structure and headquarters staff. On 1 May 2012, the Group's Headquarters and Headquarters Company was activated.

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