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New Hampshire State Area Command (STARC)

The mission of the State Area Command (STARC) is to provide command, control, and supervision to all National Guard units assigned to the State of New Hampshire. These units belong to the New Hampshire Army National Guard and the New Hampshire Air National Guard. Soldiers and airmen from both organizations serve in STARC. The STARC ensures that New Hampshire National Guard units are prepared to support both State and Federal missions.

In order to provide trained and equipped units ready for immediate service for the President of the United States or the Governor of New Hampshire, STARC:

  • Prepares plans to implement mobilization orders and conducts mobilization readiness exercises.
  • Prepares plans, makes coordination, and conducts training in order to stand ready to support New Hampshire state authorities in case of emergency.
  • Operates a State Military Academy organized to conduct accredited officer and enlisted soldier training programs.
  • Operates the National Guard recruiting programs within the state
  • Provides for the operation and control of all National Guard buildings and training sites.
  • Operates an Army Aviation Support Facility.
  • Ensures accountability for all federal funds and property assigned to the National Guard.
  • Operates a Combined Support Maintenance Office and Organizational Maintenance Shops to provide calibration and repairs on equipment assigned to the National Guard.

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