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Operational Support Airlift Agency (OSAA)
Operational Support Airlift Command (OSACOM)

Davison Army Airfield is headquarters to the Total Army's Operational Support Airlift Agency (OSAA) and its subordinate Operational Support Airlift Command (OSACOM). The OSAA is a Department of the Army, Field Operating Agency (FOA). under the National Guard Bureau. It includes active duty Army and Army National Guard (ARNG) soldiers and civilians. The OSAA/OSACOM mission is to provide high priority, short notice air transport to passengers and cargo movement for all Army components and members of DoD. Operational airlift missions are requested through unit authorizing officials, passed to the local installation validators for approval, then forwarded to OSAA. After requests are checked and screened at OSAA. they are electronically forwarded to DoD's Joint Operational Support Airlift Center (JOSAC) at Scott. AFB. IL. The JOSAC centrally schedules Operational Support Airlift (OSA) requests then assigns these as missions to separate DoD services for execution by organizations such as OSCO. Overall, the OSAA is responsible for supporting requests for the 170 Army OSA fixed wing aircraft.

In addition to the mission role described above, the OSAA is proponent for all ARNG fixed wing operations and standardization in the ARNG. To assist in the standardization of training, the Fixed Wing Army National Guard Aviation Training Site (FWAATS) located in Clarksburg. West Virginia. is missioned and resourced by OSAA and chartered by TRADOC under the Total Army School System (TASS) for aircrew training.

The Operational Support Airlift Command is the headquarters for seven Regional Flight Centers (RFCs) located at: Fort Belvoir, VA: Fort Hood. TX: Fort Lewis. WA: as well as OCONUS RFCs in Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico. Also under the operational control of OSAA/OSACOM are the ARNG's 49 State Flight Detachments, plus the District of Columbia. Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and ARNG C-23 Theater Aviation Companies. The U.S. Army Priority Air Transport (Jet) Detachment. Andrews AFB, belonging to OSACOM. provides executive OSA transportation for the senior leadership of the Army. The OSACOM has 114 of the Army's OSA fixed wing airplanes. which include C-12s, C-23s. C-26s. C-21s. and C-20s.

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