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95th Engineer Detachment (Firefighting)

In a theater of operations the 95th Engineer Detachment (Firefighting) mission includes command and control of fire suppression, fire prevention, and limited fire extinguisher maintenance. In garrison it supports the post fire-fighting mission by working in concert with the Fort Drum Fire Department. The 95th (and associated 520th Engineer Detachment) Engineer Detachment (Firefighting) was one of 3 deployable fire fighting units in the active Army as of 2008. The 95th Engineer Detachment was headquarters to the 520th Engineer Detachment (Firefighting).

In July 1999, the 95th, 520th, and 597th FFDs prepared for deployment to Kosovo with the Hurricane Lane Training. Since the firefighters had very little notice for their deployment, HHC pulled together rapidly to form a deployment plan and create a realistic training lane to prepare the firefighters for a real- world mission. The lane consisted of several scenarios including minestrike drills, civilians on the battlefield, and unexploded ordinance (UXO). The lanes tested the soldiers' reactions to the scenarios and helped them to think about what to do if they experienced the situations. The 95th FFD deployed before the month was over. The firefighters were one of the first American units to move into the war-torn region. Not only did they provide fire protection for the American units at Camp Monteith, but they also helped the Kosovars to reestablish their own fire fighters most of which had been destroyed in the fighting and bombing.

A part of the US Army's modular force structure transformation included the creation of Brigade Special Troops Battalions. These units were designed to provide organic signals, engineering, military intelligence, military police, and other support which had historically been achieved by the habitual attachment of companies and platoons from units assigned to parent divisions. As a result of this transformation in the 10th Mountain Division, the 41st Engineer Battalion was inactivated, its Companies and other subordinate units reflagged and/or reassigned either Brigade Special Troops Battalions within the Division or to the 10th Sustainment Brigade. 95th Engineer Detachment (Fire Fighting) was inactivated and reactivated assigned to the 7th Engineer Battalion, 10th Sustainment Brigade.

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