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90th Personnel Services Battalion

On 2 February 2007, the 90th Personnel Services Battalion was inactivated as part of the transformation of the US Army.

The mission of the 90th Personnel Services Battalion was to provide personnel services and postal support in its assigned area of responsibility, transition to war/stability operations, deploy the Personnel Services Battalion/subordinate elements, and sustain operations.

The distinctive unit insignia was originally approved for the 90th Replacement Battalion on 27 April 1966. It was redesignated for the 90th Personnel and Administration Battalion on 26 Apr 1978. On 24 Jun 1994 the insignia was redesignated for the 90th Personnel Services Battalion, consisting of a blue 5-pointed star with one point up and charged with a gold escarbuncle of 5 rays, each terminating in a gold fleur-de-lis between the points of the star. The 5 fleurs-de-lis referred to the unit's participation in 5 campaigns during World War II. The escarbuncle was a symbol derived from the bracing fastened to the back of the medieval fighting man's shield to strengthen and support it and was used to signify the unit's service in supporting and strengthening American combat units (represented by the blue star) as a Replacement Battalion during World War II and in Vietnam.

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