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Special Troops Battalion, 4th Brigade Combat Team
508th Special Troops Battalion

On 6 January 2006, the Headquarters of the 82nd Paratrooper Support Battalion was reflagged to become the Headquarters of the newly activated 4th Brigade Special Troops Battalion (also referred to as the 508th Special Troops Battalion). The mission of the 508th Special Troops Battalion is to provide combat support capabilities through Intelligence, Mobility/Counter-mobility/Survivability and Command and Control to the 4th Brigade Combat Operations. Its is prepared to deploy and operate in a joint and / or combined environment within 18 hours of notification to support the Brigade's mission.

On 25 February 2007, Task Force Diablo assumed the battle space in Paktya and Logar provinces in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. While the Special Troops Battalion was not designed for this mission, Task Force Diablo excelled in this non-traditional role. Within the first month, 508th Special Troops Battalion captured a high value target as part of Task Force Fury.

On 12 May 2007, along the Paktya border violence between Afghanistan and Pakistan erupted. On 14 May 2007, a contingent was sent to negotiate a peace settlement. The mission was successful, but there was an attack on the Task Force Diablo element. Pakistani soldiers charged with security of the contingent opened fire upon our element. The Task Force Diablo Operations Officer, was fatally wounded during this incident and 3 other members of the unit were severely wounded. From August to November of 2007, Task Force Diablo took control of Wardak province, stretching the battalions influence over three provinces.

Task Force Diablo contributed greatly to Coalition efforts throughout 3 provinces. Paratroopers from Task force Diablo fought during numerous direct and indirect engagements with anti-Coalition militia. Numerous humanitarian missions were conducted that greatly improved the quality of life for the local population. These efforts included distributing clothing, food, water wells, as well as medical and veterinary operations.

In January 2008, Task Force Diablo started the Afghan National Police Leadership Academy. Over 100 Policemen were trained during the first 5 classes. Task Force Diablo also developed a Provincial Ministerial Mentor program to improve leadership and organizational skills for government directors.

All units assigned to Task Force Diablo served with honor and distinction while conducting combat operation across multiple lines of operations while deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

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