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64th Troop Command

The 64th Troop Command headquarters is located at 1420 Wright Street, Madison, Wisconsin. It acts as a command and control headquarters and is assigned approximately 40 personnel. It is one of four major commands in the Wisconsin Army National Guard. Troop Command has subordinate battalion headquarters located in Tomah and Madison; and five seperate units located in Monroe, Berlin, West Bend, Waukesha and Milwaukee. Troop Command's mission is to provide command level support to subordinate units so they can accomplish their wartime missions. Troop Command headquarters is here to assist, support and provide guidance when needed.

The 64th RAOC is located in Monroe, Wisconsin. The unit is assigned approzimately 52 personnel. Its mission is to plan, coordinate, manage and direct rear battle activities in conjunction with host nations for a Theater Army Area Support Group .

The 332d RAOC is located in Berlin, Wisconsin, and is authorized 27 personnel. Its mission is to plan and coordinate rear battle operations in a rear area.

The 832d Medical Company is located in West Bend, WI. The unit has 119 personnel. Its mission is to provide aeromedical evacuation and support within a theater of operations.

Co B, 118th Medical Battalion is located in Waukesha, Wisconsin, with the battalion headquarters in Connecticut. The unit has 62 personnel assigned. Its mission is to provide health service support, staff advice and assistance to units located in the assigned area of operations.

The 32nd Military Police Company is located in Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and is authorized 176 personnel. Its mission is to provide military police combat support to an assigned area of operations.

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